Top Four Wedding Themes

We at Capesthorne want you and your partner to have the most magical day of your lives, but we know that it can be difficult to think up wedding themes, decorations and ideas to make your day as awesome as you dreamt it would be! So, to take the pressure off and give yourselves some inspiration, we have researched the top four wedding themes of the year! Read more

How to Plan a Stag Do

As most of our past blogs have been aimed at wedding dresses, glittery themes, delicious cakes or guiding the groom through various suit ideas, we thought it was time to help out the best man! Here’s our easy guide on How to Plan a Stag Do so that your groom will be forever thankful! Read more

Keeping Guests Entertained

We researched what the bride and groom found most stressful about their wedding day and the most common response was that they felt the day passed in a blur because they were so focused on keeping all guests entertained. Because of this, we have looked into ways you can avoid this stress by keeping guests entertained so that you enjoy the day as you have always dreamed you would! Read more

A Guide to Live Wedding Music

The key to giving your wedding the ultimate party-perfect atmosphere is live music! There are many options, from bands and tribute acts to string quartets and opera singers, so we have created a guide to live wedding music to explain each set up of musicians and what kind of mood they create. Read more

The First Dance Handbook

No doubt you will have seen the hundreds of quirky and wonderful first dances on YouTube and you’re probably thinking ‘how can I follow that?’ Of course, there is nothing wrong with your traditional first dance, but many couples are planning to put their own personal stamp on the dance routine. To make sure you keep in the loop, we’ve put together the First Dance Handbook with 5 ways to make your first dance more memorable and one of a kind! Read more

Top Three Current Wedding Hair Trends

Bridal hair can become a bit of an enigma, when dresses, flowers and even accessories tend to get first port of call before the Bride’s mane gets a look in. We find that Brides can get themselves all in a tangle over whether to wear their hair up, or down…then whether to go neat and sleek, or wild and messy…straight or curly, elegant or boho, understated or statement!

We are here to make it simple for you with three current, popular styles, within which there is plenty of scope for inspiration. And the best thing? they are all fool proof, easy and fuss free! Read more

Saving Money for the Big Day

We all know that one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is making sure you stay within your budget, without cutting out on the essential extra bits that make it the wedding of your dreams. We have come up with four effortless and cheap ideas for saving money for the big day that still include all the aspects that make your wedding day magical! Read more

Autumn Wedding Flowers

As we move away from the long, hot, golden days of Summer, we step forward into the calm breeze and falling leaves of the Autumn wedding season, and what better way to demonstrate this charming change of nature than with nature itself! To help your wedding stand out beautifully this Fall, we have picked out five gorgeous ways that floral arrangements can show off your love for the season! Read more

Wedding Photography Styles

One of the best parts of your wedding day is the wonderful memories that are made. It is your wedding photographs that are key to capturing your magical moments for all eternity. Unlike other wedding supplies, your photographs are the only aspect of your whole day that you cannot sample beforehand! This means you will need to embark on some very detailed research on the artistic styles, professional skills and personal attributes on offer and have a clear idea of your personal requirements before you engage your photographer. This sounds like a lot of work – but do not worry! We have come up with a short and simple list of wedding photography styles to help you choose the one that suits you best! Read more

Autumn Hair Garlands

‘Tis the season to embrace the bountiful nature around us; its colours, textures and life in bloom. What better way to do that than to factor a hair garland into your Autumn wedding? Now you could do this in a subtle, understated way. But with the most incredible flowers in season it would be a waste not to make the most of them.

Here are 3 ways to embrace the hair garland for your Autumn Wedding… Read more