Wedding Day Photos (featuring Capesthorne Hall)

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, generally you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the documentation of your big day is in safe hands. However, there are a few key moments that you may want to consider and mention to your photographer. Group photos, staged photos with family members, the ceremony and speeches are a given, but here are 5 Must Have Wedding Day Photos to add to your memoirs. Read more

Reasons for a Chapel Wedding Blessing (featuring Capesthorne Hall)

You would like to have some independence and add some personality to your wedding ceremony, but still really love the church traditions.

You don’t have an established faith as a couple, but respect the sacredness of saying wedding vows at a church altar.

You would like to try not to offend any family members with your wedding ceremony!

Does this resonate with you? Having a real dilemma over your wedding ceremony? Well, we might be able to help Read more

Lakeside Wedding

Photographed at Capesthorne Hall

With Summer just around the corner, here at Capesthorne Hall we have been getting excited about outdoor and lakeside weddings. At Capesthorne we try to cater to as broad a range of couples as possible, including the spaces you can get married in. Did you know that you can marry at the side of our stunning lake, situated to the rear of the house? For more details follow And whilst you’re thinking it over, here are 5 reasons to consider a lakeside wedding… Read more

Italian Wedding Inspiration

The food, the wine, the language, the dancing; when it comes to the Italian culture what’s not to love so what better for your big day than some Italian Wedding inspiration. We have recently featured French and Spanish inspired weddings and of course our European influences would be amiss without making mention of Italy.

But even if you decide you don’t want a destination wedding, for plenty of good reasons, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t bring the best of that country to your own doorstep. Using our very own grounds as a template, we have compiled a list of essential Italian wedding details to help show that you really can have the best of both worlds Read more

More Unusual Wedding Colour Schemes

As the seasons are shifting and in our ever-unpredictable British climate, wedding colour schemes require a little more imagination than just one block colour. For example, a yellow themed wedding on a typically British dull and grey day may fall flat and fail to create the vibrancy you were hoping for.

 We therefore suggest keeping your colours varied and interesting. We have written previously about more eclectic colour schemes but here are a few more bold and interesting ideas to outshine the dullest of days Read more

Simple & Creative Place-cards

Once the arduous task of writing your guest lists done, the temptation is to believe the hardest part is over. When actually the production of these names for your guest’s place-cards can be challenging in itself, particularly if tackled in house. There is a plethora of wonderful and unique ideas for escort cards/place settings/combined favours out there, but if we are honest, not all are hugely cost effective not straight forward. They seem like a wonderful idea to begin with then eat up a great deal of valuable time and a large chunk of your bank balance!

Never fear! Here are 6 unbelievably simple yet effective ideas that can be easily executed by yourselves, or with the assistance of some talented individuals. If you are not all that creatively inclined, why not try Cheshire based artist and illustrator Alex Jones for her gorgeous calligraphy, to assist in bringing these ideas to life Read more

Best of Bridal Spring-Summer 2018

Catwalks across the globe have recently seen the launch of next year’s Bridal wear and just when you think designs couldn’t get any more luscious and swoon-worthy…they do. But this season’s collections featured some exciting new names amongst the ever-faithful favourites, such as Ellie Saab and Jenny Packham. Here are our favourite designers from the recent launch of Bridal wear to whet your appetite for dress shopping; Read more

Top Ten Bridesmaid Dresses

…That Your Girls Won’t Hate You For

Well thank heavens for the modern day Bridal industry, as Bridesmaid dresses now not only don’t need to match but it needn’t be something that they only wear the once too. Gone are the days of expecting an entourage of lemmings to traipse behind the radiant Bride, looking utterly miserable about what they’ve been forced to fit into, but The Bridesmaid now has freedom of choice, comfort, style and fit.

The High Street have been pretty savvy at latching on to this new state of affairs and are providing a very nice array of outfits that minimise the risk of your maids hating you for eternity after your wedding is over.

But before you get all giddy about scouring our pick of the crop, here are a few key pieces of advice on selecting the right dresses for your girls and keeping the peace with all involved: Read more

Alternative Wedding Dresses

As much as there are an endless number of gifted Bridal designers today, from the big names to the independent, bespoke seamstresses, for a Bride who dreams of looking really unique on her wedding day it can still be tough to find a wedding dress that isn’t like any other wedding dress.

Are you a bride who can’t imagine herself in a white, or even ivory, dress? Who, if you’re honest, detests the thought of pursuing Bridal shops? Who really wants to feel special on her wedding day, but reassured that no-one else has worn this dress before?

Well we have done a little of the leg work for you and found 10 designs from the catwalk that aren’t designed with a Bride in mind but would make a truly unique wedding dress. Take inspiration from these designers and here are a few little bits of advice in sourcing your ‘alternative’ wedding dress: Read more

Alternative Wedding Make Up

When it comes to wedding makeup there tend to be two extreme camps that Brides fall in to. The Natural Look or The Dramatic Look. You would like to look natural and effortlessly glowing, but not wiped out. You would like to make a statement, but not like a drag queen. Red lip, nude lip, natural eye, lined eye…and don’t even get us started on the nails!

We think we have come up with an answer that might cleverly merge the two realms of naturalism and statement making. Here are some alternative pieces of inspiration for your wedding day makeup. Read more