A Fairy Tale at Capesthorne Hall

Today I had to go to Capesthorne Hall and as I went along the drive, I broke out in goose bumps. I always do. It’s a beautiful place. The trees were different shades of greens, golds and reds and the hall is magnificent. If you’re looking for a fairy tale wedding, look no further. The magical grounds are a perfect setting to create a fairy tale at Capesthorne Hall. Read more

Alternative Aisle Music

If you don’t want traditional aisle music, but something different from the other weddings you’ve attended, there is loads of inspiration for an alternative out there.

Read more

Wedding Kilts

Today, we’re looking at one for the boys because they have more fashion options than a formal morning suit. For any man who wants to honour his Scottish, Irish or Welsh heritage wedding kilts are the way to go. Read more

Inspiration for Long Hair

For your wedding day, you want to do something special with your hair. Something that makes you feel amazing.

You can wear all these styles under a veil or with a tiara, so your hair style won’t restrict your head gear. Read more

Amazing Inflatables

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a video for real life Whack-A-Mole. This is a large inflatable dome, someone stands in the middle with a foam mallet and they have to hit other people as they pop up out of the holes. I had two thoughts; Read more

Essentials for an Autumn Wedding

I love the autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. I love the rich colours, the temperature, cool enough for jumpers but too warm for coats. I love the longer nights, the warming food and kicking my way through leaves. Unsurprisingly, I got married in the autumn. If you’re having an autumn wedding like I did, here are some essentials for an autumn wedding to use the best of the season to your advantage. Read more

Stylish Sleeves

It’s that time of year when we start looking forward to next year’s styles. Looking at the sneak peeks for 2019 that are starting to come through (don’t you just love Instagram) I noticed, and fell in love with, the sleeves many of them had. I loved the intricacy and detail of the designs. Here are some of my favourites for your inspiration. Read more

Fantastic Foods

I recently attended a wedding where the evening food was provided by a food van. A man with a pizza oven in his van set up under a marquee and hand made pizza for everyone. It was delicious and different, key things you want for fantastic wedding food. Read more

Wedding Guest Costs

There was an article in the Guardian recently about the rising costs of weddings. According to surveys done by Bridebook and Brides magazine, the average cost of a wedding is £30,000. That’s practically the deposit for a house. What I found the most thought provoking was something we don’t tend to talk about, the costs for guests.

Here are some elements you might consider so you don’t price your nearest and dearest out of attending your wedding. Read more

Wedding Table Set Ups

For your wedding, have you decided how you’re going to have your guests seated for the breakfast? I appreciate you have lots to think about so this may have slipped your mind. Here are some suggestions of wedding table set-ups for your inspiration. Read more