Essential Foliage Inspiration

Foliage is the new flowers – yes, we’re afraid so. Although florals will always be timeless, the current trend favours botanical greens with not a petal in sight.

You may feel dubious about editing flowers from your wedding day (whoever heard of that?!) so here is some essential foliage inspiration. Read more

Essential Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Here comes the rain again and with it the change in colours, temperature and mood. There are so many things we all love about a Summer wedding, but Autumn weddings are so under-rated. That’s why, here at Capesthorne, we are open and available for wedding bookings all year round! So, to inspire you to stage your wedding in the height of autumnal magic, in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, here are 6 essential Autumn pieces of inspiration for your wedding. Read more

Unique Wedding Favours

When it comes to selecting small gifts for your guests, it’s very easy to come across old traditions or frequently used crazes, like sugared almonds (the former) or homemade jam (the latter). Are you a couple looking for something your guests will truly appreciate but that’s also different to every other wedding they’ve been to? Look no further! We have sought out 6 completely unique wedding favours for you – hurry before everyone else catches on! Read more

Favourite Things About Countryside Weddings

We have been reflecting of late about how blessed we are to live in the glorious English countryside. It really is one of the things that epitomises our country and makes it so great. It’s no wonder so many choose to marry in the countryside, regardless of where they currently live.

If you are toying between an urban city wedding and a quintessential countryside wedding, here are a few elements to tip the balance in the latter’s favour. Read more

Selecting Bridal Footwear

Ah the wedding shoe! Yet another tricky consideration that can make or break your comfort on your wedding day. You’d be forgiven as the Bride for thinking it’s not all that important, as shoes are largely hidden beneath a dress. However, the difference it makes to you, knowing you have something special, unique or super comfortable on your feet, can’t be underestimated.

Here are 6 key categories for you to consider when shopping for your Bridal Footwear: Read more

Simple and Stress Free Weddings

It’s the million-dollar question for every betrothed couple and there remains a universal expectation that wedding planning is incredibly stressful, demanding, all-consuming and at times impossible. We are all familiar with the common family disagreements, battling over budgets, arguing over the guest list…but it really needn’t be that way. We’re here to show you how to do simple and stress free weddings.

The union of two people in love is, in our opinion, really quite straightforward. As much as most people dream of a day that is ‘perfect’ and memorable for all involved, the truth is that in many respects you are out of control.

Here is our five point plan to avoiding the cultural conditioning of wedding stress: Read more

How to Navigate Wedding Fairs

With the imminence of the fantastic Brides Up North crew coming to Capesthorne in October, we thought we would help your Brides and Grooms-to-be prepare for the wedding fair frenzy.

With exhibitors on site to help guide you with bridal accessories, bridal wear, cakes, confetti, favours, flowers, styling, hair & makeup, stationery, live music and entertainment, photography, videography, rings, you name it (!), you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed as soon as you arrive!

Here is our 5-point guide to help you along your way. Read more

Vintage Hair Pieces

If you are a Bride opting for an ‘Up-do’ for your wedding day hair, then considering hair accessories is a must. As with everything, the range and variety is vast, but hair pieces tend to fall into two main categories – Contemporary or Vintage.

Vintage hair pieces have an other-worldly glamour, timeless elegance but also uniqueness. We have divided Vintage Hair Pieces into 4 sub-categories, to make your browsing easier. Read more

Best Suit Trends for Grooms

Far too often Weddings become so obsessed with Bridal wear and decorative accessories that it can leave the men feeling a little insignificant. Enough with that! It’s just as important that men feel as special as women on their wedding day. But it’s less common for men to pour over bridal magazines and pinning like crazy to Pinterest in preparation for their outfit. We have made it simple for you and picked out the 4 Best Suit Trends for Grooms of 2017 to see you into next year. Read more

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

Mid-century inspired angles and shapes are saturating the trendiest weddings presently and, as such, we thought we would see what all the fuss is about.

Geometry influenced 1920’s Art Deco has a more minimalist/industrial vibe in current day design work. Mix with marble and copper colours for the ultimate chic finish, here are 7 essential pieces of Geometric Wedding inspiration:
Read more