Enchanted Arches

One of my lasting memories of the Royal Wedding, other than Meghan’s beautiful dress, was when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex walked out of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle through the arch of flowers. Is there anything more romantic than leaving the church as a newly married couple through an enchanted floral arch? Read more

Reasons why Short is Best

We’re looking at dresses today, and one style in particular; short wedding dresses. Now, when I say short, I mean any dress that doesn’t reach the floor. And if you haven’t picked your dress yet, here are some reasons why short is best in some cases. Read more

Mr and Mrs Grant

Every so often, we like to bring you stories of the happy couples who choose Capesthorne Hall as the venue for their big day. Today, we’d like to share with you some wonderful images from the wedding day of Mr and Mrs Grant. All photographs are courtesy of Chris Morse. Read more

Naked Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is a really big deal. It’s one of the things people will always remember about your wedding along with your dress, the food and your evening disco. A big trend which started a  few years back and shows no signs of dying off is naked wedding cakes. Read more

Capesthorne Hall’s Lakeside Wing

Capesthorne Hall held a Brides Up North wedding fayre recently. There was glorious sunshine, caterers, musicians and Prosecco in our recently renovated Lakeside Wing.

If you haven’t seen our Lakeside Wing, then before you book your venue, you really should. Read more

The Perfect Wedding Ring

We’ve done a bit on engagement rings so now it’s time to look at your wedding band. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out these ideas for the perfect wedding ring that are a little more than the norm. Read more

9 Things from the Royal Wedding We Can Have Too

I don’t know what you were doing on Saturday 19th May, but I was watching the Royal Wedding. I love weddings and I have a soft spot for the Royal Family, particularly the younger generations. I went all out and ate strawberries and cream while I did too. It was great!

So, if you’re planning your own royal wedding, here are a few details from the day for you to make your own. Read more

Romantic Pinks

I’m a romantic at heart. I’m drawn to pastel pinks in most things; shoes, cakes, flowers, bedding. In fact, my husband often tells me there are other colours for flowers, but he’s wrong. If, like me, you love pink and are planning a romantic, summer, Cheshire wedding here at Capesthorne Hall, this ideas board based on romantic pinks is just for you! Read more

Make-Up Trends

Deciding what make-up style to use for your wedding is a big deal. You don’t want so much you’re unrecognisable or panda eyes that will make you hate your wedding pictures. So, to take the hard work out of deciding, I’ve put together some different make-up trends just for you. Read more

Bridal Braids

For any bride, hair is an important part of your look. You’ve got to make sure it matches your style, your dress, and your hair length. Bridal braids are very versatile so you’re sure to find a style that’s perfect for you. I’ve compiled the freshest looks for you to consider. Read more