The Best Best Man

So, you’ve been asked to be the best man. Before you get carried away, it isn’t all drunken stag do antics and a ten-hour speech/joke at the groom’s expense. If you want to be the best best man, there is a lot more to it. Read more

Picking Your Maid of Honour

Being a maid of honour is an important responsibility. You might have a few ladies in mind or be struggling to choose someone. Before you start panicking, here is a list of their duties. Chances are, once you’ve considered these, picking your maid of honour will be the easiest decision you’ve ever made. Read more

Fuss-Free Weddings

Weddings, they’re a funny thing. You start off thinking you’ll have something simple, after all it’s just about you and your partner making a commitment to one another, but it’s easy to get carried away during the planning. So here are a few ideas for fuss-free weddings. Read more

Thank You Gifts

At your wedding, you will want to thank some people for their help with the preparations and support. And while everyone loves flowers (I certainly do) they don’t last. Here are a few different ideas for thank you gifts that people are bound to treasure forever. Read more

The Night Before

Tomorrow is the big day. For months you have planned, prepped, organised, attended dress fittings, met with suppliers, arranged a diplomatic seating plan and now there is nothing else for you to do. So, what do you do with the night before your wedding? Instead of quadruple checking everything, here are some great ideas for a memorable evening. Read more


The speeches. We all know the drill. The father of the bride, the best man and the groom. Very male orientated. It doesn’t have to be. Give the girls a voice. Who doesn’t love the chance to express themselves? Read more

Entertaining Your Guests

The busiest person on your wedding day is you. There will be times when you must leave your guests to their own devices. How do you take care of people while you’re engaged elsewhere other than with canapes and drinks? Here are some ideas for entertaining your guests . .  Read more

Arriving in Style

On your big day, you want to be arriving in style. Something memorable, something relaxing, something glamorous. With so many options available today, don’t settle for second best! Here are a few ideas on how you can make your dream arrival. Read more

Top Table or No Top Table

Ah, the top table. A popular choice but by no means your only option. It may not always be appropriate, especially, where parents may have remarried. Like everything in life, choice is key. If you want something a little different then here are a few alternatives for you to consider when deciding whether to have a top table or no top table. Read more

Readings for your Wedding Day

At Capesthorne Hall, we have seen all types of wedding celebrations, each having their own uniqueness and quirks. Besides exchanging vows, readings for your Wedding Day are the perfect way to personalise your day and share your love story. Each couple is unique and will want to express their feelings about each other in ways that reflect their relationship.

Love, marriage and relationships are three key themes usually depicted in a reading. Some may want to take a traditional approach and use readings taken from the Bible to cement their relationship. Other couples may be very comfortable displaying their emotions with sweet poems and prose. Or you may like to take a more humoured approach, choosing quirky anecdotes and tales of married life.

However you choose to celebrate your Love, Marriage and Relationship, you’re sure to find the following a great starting point towards making your wedding a truly memorable day. Read more