10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 1

There are many ways to make your wedding day memorable such as choosing a unique wedding venue or an unusual wedding venue.  You will often hear advice given to couples that their wedding day is all about them, their wants, their needs and their comfort. We believe that a wedding celebration is about the people surrounding the couple as well as the marriage itself. After all, these are the people who matter most to you, will support you in years to come and have helped bring you to where you are.

The small details of weddings (we hate to say) can often get missed, lost within the excitement of the day or taken for granted. However, when carefully executed, they are what give that special and personal touch to a wedding. They are also a great way of expressing to your guests how grateful you are that they are there for you.

We have 10 ideas for creative details, including wedding favours, to help make your guests feel special. Here’s number 1.

Guest-Stones-11. Guest Book Stones

A cost effective, beautiful keepsake for you to keep forever. Make it even more special by collecting the tones from your favourite places.

All you need then is a large jar and Sharpie pens.