10 Things a Mother of the Groom Wishes She Could Say

  1. “I lie awake night after night worrying that you will break my son’s heart.”
  1. “Were you raised by a pack of wolves, or do you simply delight in having absolutely no manners?”

  1. “I wish my son chose an ugly, boring girl who barely says a word.”635905110699159124-774690417_momson
  1. “Your idea of ‘rustic’ makes me feel like we are living in biblical times.”
  1. “When my son looks at you with that dewy-eyed gaze he‘s actually thinking of my Sunday roast.”
  1. “It is not charming or endearing when you flirt with his father!”
  1. “If you take over making him a birthday cake every year I will put poison in your glass of chardonnay.”
  1. “If you think I care about upstaging you with my wedding outfit, you’re wrong.”
  1. “I hope your children take after him, not you.”
  1. “When you say ‘I do’, remember that I will be around FOREVER.”