10 Things a Groom Wishes He Could Say

  1. “While you get to look like a fairytale princess, I have to dress like a bad extra from Downton Abbey. Where’s the fairness in that?”
  1. “I think your mother is actually insane.”

  1. “I resent you choosing a bridesmaid who is obviously going to get drunk and cry in the corner of the room for the majority of our reception.”Angry-Groom (002)
  1. “I was lying when I said I don’t care about a stag do.”
  1. “I really don’t understand the point of wedding favours.”
  1. “The colour scheme you have chosen is not champagne, not carnation, not coral, not blush, but PINK. Just plain, stupid PINK.”
  1. “If you hate your ‘friend’ so much, why invite her?!”
  1. “I’m scared of your dad…for real.”
  1. “I’d prefer to elope.”
  1. “I stole my speech from Google.”