5 Inspiring Styles ….

… for Grooms

It’s easy for weddings to become all about the Brides. And quite right too…to an extent. But lets not  stereotype the sexes in this day and age and give the men credit where credit is due. All grooms deserve to look and feel just as fabulous on their wedding day and also deserve their say. But choosing a wedding outfit can be just as challenging for the boys as for the girls, if not perhaps more so. There are possibly more expectations about traditional male attire than about women’s. Therefore, we’ve put together five ideas to help inspire all the grooms out there and give you some encouragement and direction. 


With the every growing trend of castle wedding venues comes the opportunity for men to really embrace that traditional country vibe. The tweed trend covers a wide spectrum of styles within itself, some very formal and some more relaxed. Tweed suits the sophisticated gentleman as well as the quirky, retro guy. It also compliments boutonnieres beautifully.



Lets be honest, three piece tails with cravats are a thing of the past and there aren’t many grooms who look their absolute best (nor feel their most comfortable) in this arrangement. Don’t men deserve to feel outstanding on their wedding day as well as women? Down with formality,and embrace the low-key, chic and sexy trend of open shirts without a tie. You don’t have to be getting married in an unusual wedding venue to feel relaxed and look sizzlingly good.



Having said that the traditional, formal get-up of tails and cravats is on its way out, classic suits will never go out of style. This is the simplest and safest way forward for a groom, but can also be done in a number of ways that express your personal style. We recommend splashing out on a suit tailored to your shape, something that you will pull out of the wardrobe for every special event thereafter.



Flowers – not just for girls! Real men embrace the classic liberty print pattern in a variety of ways. Floral ties have such a sense of occasion and also tie together bridesmaids and actual flowers beautifully. We highly recommend the hand made beauties by Freskin and Sutherland
https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FreskinAndSutherland pictured here on the bottom right and left. These ties keep giving even after your own wedding. In fact, the majority of the men at the makers own wedding donned them in appreciation.



Last but not least, in a final rebellion against tradition, you could mix and match all of the above and REALLY make a statement. Men, it’s your wedding as much as hers. We encourage you to voice your own style and as many creative ways as you can. Tweed, dicky bows, checks, braces, florals, tailoring, personalised boutonnieres, antique tie pins – you name it, ideal in a unique wedding venue Don’t be out shone by the ladies and make your outfit a lasting memory.