5 Magical Hair Styles for Bridal Inspiration

For a bride, hair can be a really tricky agenda! Practically speaking, a Bride needs to not have to fuss or bother about her tresses for an entire day, which is no mean feat. Aesthetically speaking, like every other aspect, she wants to feel the very best version of herself. For some Brides, this means doing something out of the ordinary with their hair. For others, it’s just about taking extra care in what they usually do.

We understand the significance of every little detail of your wedding, but especially the things that make a Bride (and Groom) feel wonderful on the most important day of their lives. The last thing they want is a stiff ‘do’ that doesn’t feel anything like their true self, in any way, shape or form.

Here are 5 hair styles we have researched, which we hope will offer you some inspiration on how you might feel like your best self on your big day…

Simple and Chic
Simple-and-Chic-300x294Following on nicely from our Bridal Dress Style blog, we believe that sometimes less is more. If you like to veer on the practical side, why not try some sleek, tied-back styles. It may be that your dress does the talking, or you’ve found a magnificent headpiece that needs a simple do to rest upon. Or it is all about the veil for you (watch this space for our next blog, dedicated to The Veil). Have confidence in opting for low maintenance but effortlessly chic hair on your wedding day.


Elegant Up Dos
Elegant-Up-Dos-300x300A step up from the simpler up-do is something that requires a bit more time and expertise. Perhaps you want to take the opportunity to have that do you’ve always dreamed of. Our advice here would be to shop around for the best hairdresser for you, and under no circumstances attempt to do this yourself! Let a professional fuss with your tresses and work their magic with pins and products. Be mindful of the longevity of your chosen do as all it takes is a slight breeze during your photos to knock some styles off kilter. Although a little more complex, these dos are totally worth the time and precision.


Braided-300x296You just cannot go wrong with a good, old fashioned braid. These days there are a multitude of ways to do the braid, without ending up looking like a hippy at a music festival in the 70’s. Braids are a fantastic way to keep your mane from being unruly and look magical. The longer your hair, the greater the possibilities. Pile them high on top of your head or have one dainty plait holding back the front, whatever you choose, braids are always a winning choice for your special day.

Accessorize-290x300Now here’s where you can really have some fun. Hair accessories are BIG business in the wedding world and range from tiny adornments to flamboyant headpieces. One popular accessory with current brides is the flower garland. Again these can range from being small and subtle to a work of art, but either way they rely on the skill of a gifted florist. Don’t underestimate the talent required for garland-making and don’t assume every florist will be able to cater to this. There are also beaded headpieces, Grecian hair bands, turbans, jewelled pins, you name it! Again, have confidence in trying these out. You’ll never know what might work for you until you do.

Go Natural
Accessorize-290x300Last but not at all least, the absolute best choice for you could be to rock your natural look. Whilst looking around for inspiration we found stunning red heads, magnificent afros, pretty pixie cuts and endlessly long manes, all demonstrating how truly wonderful it can be to embrace your natural hair on your wedding day. Just because you decide to go natural, doesn’t mean you have to manage this alone. It may be worth your while still shopping about for the right hair specialist to help tease your locks into the best condition, even if it’s just a good blow dry. Again, don’t rule out how fabulous being your natural hair-self can be. It’s what your partner fell in love with, right?