A Pitch Perfect Performance

When having a wedding at Capesthorne Hall, the house is only part of the available space. To make full use of the grounds, you could have outdoor music. Here are some things for you to consider so your band’s performance is pitch perfect.


Outdoor music is perfect for late spring/summer/early autumn when it’s still warm and the evenings are long. If your wedding is at any other time, it may not be the best idea. Even in the warmer months, I would still recommend having a marquee for them to play under. This is England after all!


This is obvious but check with your chosen musician whether they have played outside before and if they are willing to. If there is an issue here, and your heart is set on outdoor music, you need to keep looking.

Power source

Depending on the type of music you are having, this should be a consideration. Your performers will need an adequate power supply for their equipment. Don’t just think instruments, they will also have speakers and possibly lights. An extension plug running from the hall just won’t cut it.


Which leads to my next point; lighting. Does your musician have adequate lighting, not just for them to see, but also for your guests to see the dance floor? If not, it may be worth hiring some for the night.

Dance floor

You have your musicians and lighting, but where are people going to dance? Your performers may have flooring or the marquee company may supply a dance floor, if you’re having one. If not, invest in some flooring. Your guests and their shoes will thank you for it.


I’ve mentioned it before but I’m going to mention it again, consider a marquee. First, it gives your guests and musicians shelter and it doubles as storage for their equipment when they have a break.

If you choose a marquee don’t forget to decorate it. You could use the decorations from your ceremony or wedding breakfast, fairy lights, or something special just for the evening. Bug candles might be handy too.


I hope this has taken some of the stress away from planning outdoor music for your evening venue. With a little preparation, it will be a magical night that no one will forget.