Bridal Beauty Countdown Part 3

This is the final part of my guide to bridal beauty in the months and weeks before your wedding.

1 Week to go. . .


Beautiful hands and nails are a must for every bride, book yourself a luxury manicure – this will include an intensive hand mask to give you beautifully soft skin.  It’s best to opt for a gel nail polish to extend the life of the manicure and avoid chipped varnish.

Nude shades and soft pinks are a good choice to complement a white wedding dress, whereas slightly warmer colours will look good against an ivory gown.


Make a final visit to your hairdresser before next week. . . have a conditioning treatment for super shine or a final trim, but nothing drastic at this point.

Take along your headdress or tiara for a wedding hair trial.


If you have been having regular facials over the past few months, now is the time to have your final treatment. A relaxing facial massage will help to calm pre-wedding nerves, and ensure you will have beautiful glowing skin.

Wedding day fragrance

Take some time out to choose a beautiful fragrance for your wedding, treat yourself to the matching bath or shower products and body lotion as this will layer the fragrance on your skin and last for hours.

The scent of this perfume will sparks memories of your special day for years to come!


The night before. . .

Pamper yourself, have a relaxing bath and listen to some favourite music. Keep alcohol to a minimum, and try if you can to have a restful nights sleep. If you are a night owl try putting your phone away before bedtime. Make yourself comfortable and relax as much as you can, tomorrow all eyes are going to be on you. . .

Most importantly enjoy your special day !

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