Capturing Your Day

Wedding videos are growing in popularity. A dedicated camera person (or two) films your wedding and a high-quality film is produced for you to treasure. If you’re undecided about hiring a company to film your day, or unsure what the benefits of capturing your day are, let’s look at them now.


This is not your uncle with a camcorder or your mate with their video phone. This is a professional with qualifications and high-quality equipment. At Marry Me Films, they have a BBC trained professional broadcast lighting camera man. He isn’t there to socialise and celebrate your wedding. He’s working.

Natural shots

People act differently when they know they’re being filmed. Because of the quality of the equipment used, there’s no need for the camera person to be obvious. They can get great shots from a distance and capture the natural moments of joy and happiness.

An experience, not a moment

A photo is a snapshot of a moment. A video captures the moment, the laughter, the music, the reaction. It’s not a picture of your father giving his speech, it is his speech. The way his voice rises and falls, his natural pauses, his emotion, his humour, his pride in you.

An extra set of eyes

You can’t be everywhere. There will be things you miss. The camera person will be your eyes while you are elsewhere. Think of all the surprises you’ll have watching it for the first time, like your first dance.


Weddings are busy events. From the minute you wake up, you’ll be on the move. And they’re exciting. They are whirlwinds of sensory overload. There will be things you forget. A video of your day is the perfect thing for you to fill in the blanks or reflect on when you have space to.

A keepsake

Time passes, memories fade, but this won’t. Whenever you want, you can watch your video again and be transported back to this wonderful day.

So, personally, I think it is an expense worth considering and there are different packages available to suit all budgets. At Chapelford Films there are two packages, depending on what you want. And whatever you decide you won’t regret it.