Harry Potter Wedding Cakes

If you’re having a Harry Potter wedding, see last week’s blog for inspiration, then you’re going to need the perfect cake to really steal the show.

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Groomsmen Proposals

Last week we looked at meaningful ways for brides-to-be to ask their friends to be bridesmaids. Now it’s the men’s turn with some cool gifts for your mates to guarantee they’ll jump at the chance to be your groomsmen.

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Bridesmaids Proposals

When it comes to asking your BFF to be your bridesmaid, you need to do something more than sending a text. After all, bridesmaids are the unsung heroes of weddings. They help with planning, sit through countless dress fittings, deal with last minute panics and make sure you look fabulous on the day, never without a drink or lip gloss.

Here are some thoughtful ideas so that you can pop your own question to the ladies you can’t imagine getting married without. Read more

Harry Potter Themed Weddings

Having a themed wedding is your opportunity to revel in your love of something. A little while ago we looked at Downton Abbey weddings. Today we’re looking at Harry Potter weddings. It’s been nearly twenty years since it was first published and its still going strong with films, off-shoot stories and more merchandise than any one person could possibly own. So if you’re a Potterhead, here are the things you need to consider for your own magical wedding. Read more

Lighting the Hall

Capesthorne Hall is a stunning Cheshire location for your wedding. Every time I visit I am struck by how regal and classically timeless it is. But, of course, I visit during the day. How do you make sure that guests can still enjoy the beautiful façade, and the gardens even as the sun sets? Read more

Wedding Invitations

Weddings are bigger than one day now. In order to spend some quality time with their guests, brides and grooms are arranging extra functions the days before and after their big day for guests who have far to travel.

This means there is a lot of information that the happy couple need to get out to their guests in order for everything to run smoothly. The best way to do this is provide your guests with all the information in one go.

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Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding cake, then look no further. Here are the most popular wedding cake trends for 2020 according to Instagram and it’s easy to see why couples are loving these styles.

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Downton Abbey Themed Weddings

Despite coming out in 2010, ten years ago, Downton Abbey has shown no signs of slowing down. With six series, numerous one-off specials and a film, its detailed look at the lives of the aristocracy and their servants has found a place in the hearts of viewers all round the world and provides a different sort of viewing from things like Game of Thrones. Stylish and chic, it’s the perfect wedding theme for those wanting some vintage glamour for their big day.

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Perfect Cufflinks for Your Perfect Day

On your big day, you’ll want your man to look the part. Details matter. And in a formal suit, cufflinks complete the effect. While your partner may already have a pair of cufflinks which will do the job, there’s nothing quite like a personalised set from you to show how much you care. Here is a range of cufflinks from romantic to heroic for your inspiration.

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Ties, Cravats and Cummerbunds

When it comes to weddings, men’s fashion is just as important as women’s, and it is equally as complicated. Getting it right can be difficult. A lot depends on your style of wedding and venue choice.

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