Superhero Weddings

When lockdown is over and weddings get back on track, fun themes definitely need to be the order of the day, and what can be more fun than a superhero themed wedding.

While there may not be many Scarlett Widow or Wonder Woman themed wedding dresses, there are lots of other ways you can incorporate your passion for all things superhero into you wedding from the bold to the subtle and everything in between.

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High Street Wedding Dresses

So, the other day, we looked at how a summer dress is actually perfect for a wedding dress. While looking, and daydreaming, over all the gorgeous dresses that I would love to own, I stumbled into the realm of High Street wedding dresses.

These are off the peg wedding dresses, every bit as dramatic and glamorous as the designer ones, just readily available at High Street prices.

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Groom Trends

When it comes to weddings, more and more men are looking towards the latest fashion trends for inspiration to incorporate their style in their big day. Gone are the days where men are restricted to morning suits and here are the latest rising groom trends of 2020.

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Bridal Hats


An alternative to veils or tiaras is bridal hats. I love this idea because by changing your head wear, you’ll bring a fresh feel to your style. Whatever type of wedding you’re having, there will be a hat to suit.

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High Street Dresses for Brides


The other day I was looking through photographs of past couples who chose to have their wedding with us at our stunning Cheshire wedding venue, and I came across this one.

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Floral Inspiration

Capesthorne Hall is a stunning venue for the perfect wedding in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. It is rich with history and grandeur, and you don’t need much decoration to enhance it. However, in my opinion, everything looks better with flowers.

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Questions to Ask Your Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is a big deal. It’s a significant part of your budget and you want to make sure everything is perfect for your guests. So, here are a list of questions to get you started and spark some inspiration for questions of your own.

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Doing Your Own Make Up

Because of all the things going on at the moment, it may mean you’ve decided that doing your own make-up for your wedding is the safer option. After all, you do your makeup every day so you should trust yourself to get it right on the big day. So, instead of talking about setting spray (an essential bit of kit for any makeup bag) I’m going to look at the makeup trends for 2020 that you need to know about.

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Flat Bridal Shoes

Whenever I look at shoes I lean towards heels because, when you’re my height, every inch matters. However, recently my attention has been grabbed by the flatter styles available in 2020.

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More Cake Trends for 2020

I love looking at cakes on Instagram. It’s a great way to pick up on the up and coming trends, plus it’s a bit of loveliness we all need in our lives.

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