The Rules of Stag Do’s

Stag do’s have changed a lot over the years. Gone are the days of strippers, too much alcohol and the groom being handcuffed to lampposts. Thankfully.

Nowadays grooms and their friends are savvier than that. In this age of social media, people know anything embarrassing will end up on the internet so they’re opting for more Insta-worthy stag dos.

So, if you’re a best man, or a groom planning your own stag do, here are the new rules for organising the perfect pre-wedding party.

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Icy Florals

As we enter into the cold season, icy florals are an innovative and captivating way to use winter as a theme in your wedding. Flowers encased in ice look amazing and depending on the clarity of the ice, they could have either an ephemeral water-colour feel or a bold expression of colour.

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Food Stations

Weddings are long and guests, particularly little ones, can get hungry. Food stations are an innovative way to stop tummies rumbling and to give people an organic way to circulate and mingle. They are extensions of the table of treats idea where all your desserts are served at one table and your guests can choose which pudding they want.

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Two Holidays and a Banquet

Looking forward to 2020, there are some trends that are starting to stand out from all the other wedding ideas. Read more

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

A trend that’s set to be big in 2020 is the American tradition of wedding rehearsal dinners. These are dinners held after the wedding rehearsal, often the night before the wedding when really there isn’t anything left for you to do. They’re a great way to help you relax and stop you stressing about the next day.

If this sounds like your sort of party, then here’s everything you need to know about rehearsal dinners so you can plan your own. Read more

Alternatives to White

Not every bride wants to wear white. Maybe it isn’t your colour, or this isn’t your first wedding, or maybe it isn’t your style. Whatever the reason, there are lots of choices for brides-to-be who want something a little different from the traditional. Read more

Bridal Bags

On your wedding day there will be certain things you will want to keep with you, just in case. Lipstick, antacids, perfume, maybe even plasters and paracetamol because the last thing you want is pain on your big day. Now, you could give everything to your bridesmaid or another trusted friend, or, as if you need an excuse, there are some amazing bridal bags out there for for all your must-haves. Read more

Travelling Wedding Guests

Whether you’re having wedding guests from overseas, or are one yourself, then there are some things you need to consider when booking your stay. This is our handy guide for ensuring the distance you’ve travelled is not a problem. Read more

Festive Tables of Treats

Tables of treats are a wedding trend that I love and, am happy to say, look set to stay. Instead of having set desserts, you have a table with lots of different desserts, so people can help themselves. And as Christmas is closer than I’d like to admit, it’s worth considering a festive table of treats for any December weddings. Read more

Stunning Bridal Shoes

When looking at shoes, if anyone suggests you just wear trainers, because no one’s going to see your shoes under your dress, you need to ditch them immediately. No one needs that sort of bad advice in their life. Shoes, regardless of who sees them are important because they make you feel good. The right shoes can elevate a whole outfit, so ignore the boring advice and go all out. Read more