Traditional Bible Readings

Choosing wedding readings can be hard. There are so many options and narrowing it down can be hard. We’ve looked at alternative readings and quotes from Shakespeare, now we’re looking at verses from the bible.

If your faith is important to you, you should reflect that in your readings, bible verses about love and marriage express the core values at the centre of your relationship, unity between man and woman, and a love that works through hardships. Read more

Our Best Friends

We are a nation of dog lovers. They’re our best friends. We treat them like children. They are a huge part of our family and they’re always there for us no matter what. So, it’s only natural that we’d want to have them at our wedding day. If this is you, if the thought of not having your canine pals at your big day is too much, here are some ways to make it stress free for you and, more importantly, for them. Read more

Shakespeare on Love

Earlier I gave you some wedding readings that were a little different. Contemporary poems, verses from other cultures, excerpts from books. Today, I want to go a little more traditional and look at one of the great writers of love; Shakespeare.

I’ve put together eight of his best quotes about love from his plays and sonnets for you to consider for your wedding. Read more

Ethical You

Carrying on in our series on how to have an eco-friendly wedding, today we’re looking at you, and how to reduce waste and shop ethically with your dress and flowers. Read more

Bridesmaid Gifts

Finding the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids can be difficult. On top of arranging your day, you need to find something meaningful to thank the ladies that have helped you. So, to take the stress out of that, I have found some gorgeous sparkly gifts that say everything for you. Read more

An Easy Eco Wedding

In this blog, we’re carrying on looking at how we can limit our wedding’s impact on the environment, particularly using technology and transport. Read more

Green Details

In our next blog on having an effortless eco-friendly wedding, we’re looking at the little details that will help you reduce waste at the end of the day. Read more

Veiled Hats

When looking for headwear for your wedding, you could be forgiven for thinking you only had two choices; veils or tiaras. However, there is a third choice that is perfect for a modern chic wedding, veil hats. Read more

One Week to Go

In our final blog about planning for your wedding, we’re looking at what to do in the final week. Being super organised in this week will help reduce any pre-wedding nerves. Read more

Easter Wedding

In the words of the Easter Bunny from Rise of the Guardians* “Easter is about hope and new beginnings.” Isn’t that a perfect description for a wedding?

You’re getting married which is the beginning of a new phase in your life, and you are full of hopes and dreams about what that phase will be like.

You can easily use Easter as a theme for your wedding making yours a little different from other weddings held around this time. Read more