Four Seasons

You’ve gotten engaged! Congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate because it is a fantastic moment and deserves a proper party.

Once you’ve announced your wedding you’re bound to get the same question from everyone; have you set a date? Now, you may already know exactly when you want your wedding. If not, here are some seasonal pros and cons for you to bear in mind. Read more

Winter Flowers

You might be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to flowers us winter brides must look abroad for inspiration. I mean, its Britain in the winter. Nothing grows, right?

Wrong. As I’ve mentioned before, the British Flower Bus at the RHS Flower Show made me think again about the flowers available in the UK. The bus is powered by Florismart, a fantastic company who connect British growers to us, the flower loving public. As a conscientious shopper, this is the sort of thing I love supporting.

Anyway, on a peruse of their website, looking for inspiration on how I can keep my house bright and colourful this winter, I pulled together the best to share with you, so you can have colour in your bouquet and support British growers at the same time. Read more

Ice Queens and Winter Palaces

A few weeks back, we looked at bold bridesmaid dresses to bring some colour to your winter weddings. But what if you’re more Ice Queen than Rosy Princess? What if you want snowflakes and frosted fairy lights over fires and evergreen for your winter wedding? Here are some alternatives if pastels and greys are your thing. Read more

Body Shapes

When you first go shopping for wedding dresses, it can be a daunting task. Shops full of beautiful dresses, all sparkling and gorgeous. How do you decide where to start never mind choosing The One?

A good way to do this is to be mindful of your frame and dress to your body shape. Here’s a handy guide to flaunt what you’ve got. Read more

Christmas at Capesthorne

Christmas is a magical time of year and here at Capesthorne Hall, it is no different. The other day I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of this year’s decorations and they were amazing.

I was able to get some pictures to share with you of the sumptuous adornments you can enjoy as part of your package if you have your Christmas wedding with us. Read more

Bridesmaids Dresses

Other than Christmas, winter isn’t very colourful. There’s no better way to bring colour to the season than bold colours for your bridesmaids. There is something warm about rich colours and they will brighten up even the wintriest day. Read more

The Perfect Invitation

Picking wedding stationery is really exciting. It’s setting down in stone, or paper, that you are getting married. Until this point, its just looking at beautiful dresses and flowers. Once you send your invites out, it’s out there for everyone to see, so you have to find the perfect invitation. Read more

Winter Wedding Warmers

Winter feels closer than ever at the moment. It snowed the other day then the clocks went back. Personally, I think winter is a great time to get married. You can have a roaring fire, Christmas decorations, a cloak to keep you warm. You can make it cosy. So with that in mind I’m looking at hot winter drinks to keep you warm at the wedding. Read more

12 Months and Counting

So you’ve been asked the big question and you said yes! Congratulations! Take time out and enjoy the moment. Once you’re ready to start planning here’s some advice on how to plan, and what to do, to make your journey to your wedding day as stress-free as possible. Read more

Royal Style

The royal wedding in the summer had a massive impact on weddings. Everyone loves a good wedding and a royal one contains extra magic. Months on, we’re still fascinated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and enjoy reminiscing about the day, all those little details that made it such an amazing event. Read more