Evening Food Ideas

Your evening reception is well underway,  it’s several hours since your wedding breakfast was served, and everyone is getting a little hungry.

What better way to end your perfect day than to have some tasty food served up to your guests who have worked up an appetite on the dance floor!

Here are some great ideas for popular food to satisfy those late night cravings at your evening reception: Read more

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

For every Bride and Groom it’s important to capture all the special memories of their wedding day. Choosing who to record this most important day in your life is a crucial decision.

Here are my top tips to help you find your wedding photographer: Read more

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Choosing the dress of your dreams can be the highlight of planning your wedding, to avoid it becoming stressful, there are a few simple rules you can follow. Read more

Why Do We Throw Confetti?

It’s such a fun and happy moment when the confetti is thrown over the newlyweds – but where did this long held wedding tradition come from ?

Confetti is the Italian word for sweets, in medieval Italy wedding guests would throw sugared almond sweets over the bride and groom, as they symbolised fertility and prosperity. Over the years this possibly painful tradition evolved into paper and flower petal alternatives! Read more

Top Tips For Writing Your Speech

Making a wedding speech can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are not accustomed to speaking in public. Here are my top tips not only for getting it  right, but also for making a great impression, and keeping calm and confident. Read more

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dress Palettes

Mixing up your colours and styles of bridesmaid dresses is a top trend in 2021, and looks set to continue into 2022.

Gone are the days of your bridesmaids having to wear identical dresses, after all  –  we women are all different shapes, sizes and heights, each with our own personality. This trend for mismatching allows your bridesmaids to feel confident in the way they look, and lets their individuality shine through. Read more

Keeping Your Wedding Guests Happy

It goes without saying that you will be the centre of attention on your wedding day, but when planning your celebrations, it can be the little things you add in that will make the day even happier and more memorable for your guests.

Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider. . .

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Accommodation at Capesthorne Hall

Here at Capesthorne Hall, we are delighted to offer our wedding couples the option to book our luxury self catering accommodation as part of their wedding package.

Set within the picturesque grounds and in close proximity to the Hall, our accommodation offers comfort and luxury for the bride and groom, and also their family and friends both before and after the wedding celebrations.

In total we can accommodate up to 24 guests.

Your options comprise of…

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Summer Wedding Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a summer cocktail!

When you are planning the finer details of your summer wedding why not treat your guests to a refreshing cocktail – there are so many flavours and combinations to choose from.

Many brides choose to start off the celebrations with a glass of champagne, but why not go one step further and serve a fabulous champagne cocktail?

You could customise the recipe to create one that reflects your personalities, or colour co ordinate to to match your wedding theme.


Here are some classic cocktail ideas to give you some inspiration!

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How to have a “Bridgerton” Wedding?

First it was the “Downton” effect, then in 2020 during lockdown, Netflix released “Bridgerton” which was an instant addiction for anyone who watched it.

We all swooned over the lavish sets and costumes, as we followed the story of the lives and loves of debutantes set in Regency London.

Here at Capesthorne Hall it comes as no surprise that Regency wedding details are trending in 2021, and with Bridgerton series 2 on the horizon, this trend looks set to continue.

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