Vegan Wedding Ideas

We’ve looked at drinks, cakes, favours and make-up for vegan weddings, but there is still more you can do to minimise your use of animal products. This is the final blog in the series and we’re looking at a few other vegan wedding ideas such as clothes, flowers and favours. Read more

Femininity Redefined

If you’re stuck for a wedding colour for this year, Pantone have just announced their new Femininity Redefined Palette. These colours ‘embodies community, warmth and tactility; complex tones and strong sophisticated pastels with great depths.’

The palette consists of seven pastels, representing the diversity and complexity of women around the world. Read more

All Weather Weddings

There are certain words for weather that I’m sure only we Brits understand. Muggy is one of them. As I’m writing this blog, it’s muggy right now and I’m hiding inside because it’s cooler here than outside. It’s also a really hard weather to describe if someone asks you about it. It’s a bit close, a bit hard to breathe, warm without being sunny but not quite hot, quite often it rains as well. See what I mean? It’s a word we know but not one that’s easy to describe. Read more

Bold Backs

If you want a statement dress, then having a bold back is the way to go. There is a huge range of dresses with enchanting and sexy backs giving you extra wow factor as you walk down the aisle. All these dresses are outstanding for their modern, feminine designs. Read more

Sustainable Favours

Whether you’re having a vegan wedding, or catering for vegan guests, I’ve found online artisan marketplaces like Etsy and Yumbles are the best for sustainable favours. They have such a wild selection of little gifts to give as favours you’ll be spoilt for choice. Read more

Decorating the Hall Outside

A few blogs back, we looked at ways to decorate the inside of the hall. This week we’re looking at decorating the hall outside so you can bring together the inside and outside in one seamless celebration of your wedding. Read more

Vegan Drinks

If you’re having a vegan wedding, then you might want to put some time aside to understand what alcohol you’ll be serving. Believe it or not, a lot of drinks available in the UK are not vegan-friendly either because of the ingredients used or the filtration process. Read more

Decorating the Hall

Capesthorne Hall is a stunning location, a perfect venue for your Cheshire wedding. Decorating it for your big day might seem like a daunting task and we’ve done a lot on flowers so here’s some non-floral inspiration for you. Read more

Vegan Make-Up

The other day I was getting my nails done and the technician told me that my gel nails were suitable for vegans. She said she was getting more and more requests for it from clients who want to live more ethically. Read more

Love Poems for Weddings

This week I’ve been surrounded by the concept of poems and oral professions of love. I went to a live poetry reading where love in all its guises were explored. Then my daughter read me a story from The World’s Worst Teachers by David Walliams in which two teachers fell in love and read their vows to one another in the form of an opera and in front of the whole school. Poetry is a powerful format to express your love for your partner and so I’m dedicating this whole blog to ten of the best love poems for weddings. Read more