Writing Your Own Vows (Part One)

The strange times that we’re in right now mean we have lots of time for reflection. Why not put that time to good use and consider writing your own vows? Read more

Registrars in Cheshire

When it comes to getting married, you have choices. Not everyone wants a church wedding, and if this is you or if you’re undecided, then let’s look at how the Registrars in Cheshire can help you make that decision. Read more

Balloon Installations

For a really eye-catching display at your wedding, look at balloon installations. They are beautiful and creative, multiple balloons can be used to create any overall shape and you can blend colours to match your theme. There’s lots of inspiration to dress our Cheshire venue to give you the wedding of your dreams. Read more

Pantone Synergy Palette

If you’ve gotten engaged this year, then the chances are you’re looking at a 2021 wedding due to the Coronavirus lock-down, so here is some fantastic news; the Pantone Synergy Palette has been released and it’s the colour palette to watch for 2021. Read more

Disney Themed Wedding Cakes

When I was looking for inspiration for a Disney Princess themed wedding, I realised that the cakes had the potential to be so magnificent they needed a blog of their own. Read more

Caterers at Capesthorne Hall (Part 2)

The other day we showcased two of the caterers we work with here at Capesthorne Hall and today we’re looking at another two; Barretts and Chapman Holmes. Read more

Wedding Insurance

Thanks to Covid-19 hijacking 2020 and postponing weddings for the foreseeable future, wedding insurance has gone from a subject that you may not know about to one that engaged couples should be thinking about. Read more

Disney Themed Weddings

Getting married is a tale as old as time (see what I did there? I promise it will be the only one) which seems almost as long as Disney have been around. It’s a popular theme for weddings for obvious reasons, most of the princess films end with a wedding and if you want to recreate that magical fairy tale feel for your own wedding, then nothing could be easier. Read more

Caterers at Capesthorne Hall

To help you plan your wedding while in lock-down, I’m shining a light on the caterers we work with here at Capesthorne Hall. Today, we’re looking at two of our four caterers; Vanilla in Allseasons and Sue Le Bonne catering. Read more

Aspirational Shoes

I love shoes. They’re one of my passions and you can never have too many of them. I also think that when it comes to bridal shoes, then you absolutely must have the best. The more sparkle the better, so here are some of the most glamorous and aspirational shoes for all you brides-to-be. Read more