Autumn Wedding Flowers

As we move away from the long, hot, golden days of Summer, we step forward into the calm breeze and falling leaves of the Autumn wedding season, and what better way to demonstrate this charming change of nature than with nature itself! To help your wedding stand out beautifully this Fall, we have picked out five gorgeous ways that floral arrangements can show off your love for the season! Read more

Wedding Photography Styles

One of the best parts of your wedding day is the wonderful memories that are made. It is your wedding photographs that are key to capturing your magical moments for all eternity. Unlike other wedding supplies, your photographs are the only aspect of your whole day that you cannot sample beforehand! This means you will need to embark on some very detailed research on the artistic styles, professional skills and personal attributes on offer and have a clear idea of your personal requirements before you engage your photographer. This sounds like a lot of work – but do not worry! We have come up with a short and simple list of wedding photography styles to help you choose the one that suits you best! Read more

Autumn Hair Garlands

‘Tis the season to embrace the bountiful nature around us; its colours, textures and life in bloom. What better way to do that than to factor a hair garland into your Autumn wedding? Now you could do this in a subtle, understated way. But with the most incredible flowers in season it would be a waste not to make the most of them.

Here are 3 ways to embrace the hair garland for your Autumn Wedding… Read more

Ladder Displays for Your Wedding

Who’d have thought it, back in the 20th Century, that a pair of rusty old ladders would become such a popular decorative feature at weddings?! Ladders are frequently used by florists to get creative with their floral arrangements but feature in a variety of other ways. Here are our Top 5… Read more

Dusty Pink Wedding Inspiration

Not just pink, not pale pink, not baby pink, but dusty pink. Let’s be as specific as possible here, it is this slightly murky, warmer hued shade of pink that has got every Bride hooked right now. Dusty Pink is trending – big time. It’s hard to see why not and so we have researched 5 key areas to give you some dusty pink wedding inspiration. Read more

Autumn Wedding Cocktails

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little down in the dumps with the end of Summer, the classic British drizzle/torrential rain and plummet in temperature. We are here to save the day and cheer you with 5 delicious, warming, zingy Autumnal cocktail recipes! Our previous blogs on Winter Cocktails, Spring Cocktails and Summer Cocktails have gone down a treat. Our missing ingredient is this season’s cocktail ideas for your wedding. Try them out immediately to wash away your Autumnal blues. Read more

The Essential Vintage Wedding

Vintage/Retro-themed weddings trended for the first time half a decade ago and, with the boom of the wedding industry, have petered into the background a little. You may love this style of decorating but feel that it is a little dated (forgive the pun), but you’d be wrong. The Vintage Wedding will never go out of style and is here to stay! Why not revolutionise this trend and give it a come-back with style with our 8 Vintage Wedding essentials. Read more

Essential Foliage Inspiration

Foliage is the new flowers – yes, we’re afraid so. Although florals will always be timeless, the current trend favours botanical greens with not a petal in sight.

You may feel dubious about editing flowers from your wedding day (whoever heard of that?!) so here is some essential foliage inspiration. Read more

Essential Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Here comes the rain again and with it the change in colours, temperature and mood. There are so many things we all love about a Summer wedding, but Autumn weddings are so under-rated. That’s why, here at Capesthorne, we are open and available for wedding bookings all year round! So, to inspire you to stage your wedding in the height of autumnal magic, in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, here are 6 essential Autumn pieces of inspiration for your wedding. Read more

Unique Wedding Favours

When it comes to selecting small gifts for your guests, it’s very easy to come across old traditions or frequently used crazes, like sugared almonds (the former) or homemade jam (the latter). Are you a couple looking for something your guests will truly appreciate but that’s also different to every other wedding they’ve been to? Look no further! We have sought out 6 completely unique wedding favours for you – hurry before everyone else catches on! Read more