Eco Decorations and Favours

There’s lots of waste at weddings. It’s a simple statement, painful but true. However, the good news is there doesn’t have to be. It’s your wedding, you have the final say on everything, so you can dictate how it goes. Read more

Spring Wedding Cakes

After winter, spring comes like fresh air after being stuck inside all day. It’s bright and vibrant, with restorative powers, giving you energy for the rest of the year. After the heavy, rich food we naturally gravitate to during the colder months, during spring we crave for something a little fresher to waken our palettes. Read more

The Perfect Pomander

As you may remember from our blog on the types of bouquets, a pomander is a little round ball of flowers suspended from your wrist by a ribbon. These are special bouquets and to get the perfect look requires forward thinking. Read more

Cascading Bouquets

For theatrical flowers, the cascading bouquet is the style for you. With the cascading, or waterfall, style you hold the flowers and foliage with the crook of your elbow and they cascade over your arm, trailing in front of you. Read more

One Month to Go

It’s getting close. You are counting down in days instead of months or weeks. Excitement levels will start to grow. Your wedding day is in reach. Here is a list of the final preparations you should be making at this point, so everything runs as smoothly as possible. Read more

The Perfect Hand-Tied Bouquet

What is a hand-tied bouquet? Well, the term hand-tied refers to the method used to create the bouquet. Basically, the stems are arranged in your hand, hence the name. However, any style can be hand-tied but in this blog, we’re referring to the style where the stems are left long and wrapped in ribbon. If you’re thinking of having this style, here’s a guide for getting the perfect bouquet. Read more

Mothers of the Wedding Couple

With a new season comes a new range of delightful choices for mothers of the wedding couple. Whether it’s your daughter getting married or your son, it’s important to feel comfortable and look fabulous as well. Here are some of the best outfits for you if your child is getting married this spring or summer. Read more

Surviving Wedding Fairs

We’ve looked at some of the events we have organised for brides over the coming year, so now I’m looking at what you need to do to get the best out of them. Whether this is your first wedding fair or thirtieth, you need to prepare, so here are some things for you to get ready before the day. Read more

Types of Tiaras

Have you decided what sort of head dress you want for your wedding? Maybe you’ve already seen something and fallen in love. If you’re unsure though, here are the different types of tiaras available and some ideas on what sort of wedding, or dress, they suit to give you some ideas. Read more

Valentines Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than a Valentines wedding? Probably not. So, if you’ve set your big day for around the middle of February, here’s some planning inspiration. Read more