Wedding Cake Trends for 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding cake, then look no further. Here are the most popular wedding cake trends for 2020 according to Instagram and it’s easy to see why couples are loving these styles.

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Downton Abbey Themed Weddings

Despite coming out in 2010, ten years ago, Downton Abbey has shown no signs of slowing down. With six series, numerous one-off specials and a film, its detailed look at the lives of the aristocracy and their servants has found a place in the hearts of viewers all round the world and provides a different sort of viewing from things like Game of Thrones. Stylish and chic, it’s the perfect wedding theme for those wanting some vintage glamour for their big day.

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Perfect Cufflinks for Your Perfect Day

On your big day, you’ll want your man to look the part. Details matter. And in a formal suit, cufflinks complete the effect. While your partner may already have a pair of cufflinks which will do the job, there’s nothing quite like a personalised set from you to show how much you care. Here is a range of cufflinks from romantic to heroic for your inspiration.

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Ties, Cravats and Cummerbunds

When it comes to weddings, men’s fashion is just as important as women’s, and it is equally as complicated. Getting it right can be difficult. A lot depends on your style of wedding and venue choice.

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Sexy Corsets

Corsets look set to be an influential design feature for wedding dress bodices in 2020. Sexy corsets have always been popular in wedding dresses and for good reason. Read more

Essential Overskirts

2019 has seen a rise in the number of brides opting for two looks on their wedding day. Having two dresses is likely to be expensive and not something every budget can stretch to. However, there is an alternative for those of us who want different styles for the day and the evening but are having to keep an eye on the purse strings; overskirts. Read more

Spring Flowers

Today is cold and miserable and, when that happens, I always look forward to springtime and the colour that brings with it. Particularly flowers. For all you spring brides here are the best flowers for your bouquet for a splash of colour after these miserable grey months. Read more

Second Anniversaries

It’s coming up to my two-year anniversary of doing these blogs, which makes me ask the question we all ask at times like this; where did the time go?

If some of you are coming up to an anniversary too and if you’re looking for some first anniversary inspiration then here’s my blog from last year. But as this is my second year, I’m looking at how to celebrate your second anniversary because in my opinion every anniversary is as important as the first.

There are two options when it comes to anniversary gifts for a second anniversary; the traditional cotton which represents the need for a marriage to remain strong, whilst also being adaptable, and the more modern china or porcelain.

Before you count cotton out as all bed sheets and shirts there are alternatives.

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Eternally Inked

When I think about all the people I know, more than half of them have tattoos. That includes my husband and myself. Tattoos have become a big part of our culture with people commemorating big events in their life. So, it isn’t surprising then that couples are choosing to have mementos of their wedding day on their skin to be eternally inked.

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Pantone Colour for 2020

This Friday, Pantone released their colour of the year for 2020; Classic Blue. Pantone predict colour trends across the world in all industries from fashion to advertising. If they’re predicting Classic Blue is going to be big, then the world needs to pay attention.

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