Little White Dress

An alternative to the LBD is the LWD, the little white dress, and if you’re a bride who doesn’t want a long gown, this is the way to go. A micro mini dress, tennis dress, tea-length gown, whatever length of wedding dress you want, you will find it, and this blog is dedicated to the shorter dresses.

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Outdoor Eating Experiences

If you’re looking to make the most of the outdoor space available at Capesthorne Hall, you can serve your wedding food outside.

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Bridal Trousers

Not every bride wants to wear a dress so a jumpsuit or trouser suit is the perfect way to express your individuality. By choosing bridal trousers over a skirt, you are rebelling against convention, being yourself rather than following the norm because you feel you must.

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Nature at Capesthorne Hall

There have been some positives to 2020, and one of those is our increased desire to get back to nature. It’s been proven that getting outside for a short walk can boost your mood as well as your energy levels. And being able to bask in the sun is incredibly relaxing as well as great for our vitamin D levels.

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Bridal Two Piece

Choice is everything when searching for the perfect wedding dress. We are all different shapes and sizes, so one definitely does not fit all. But what if you want a specific corset type with a certain skirt design and can’t find a dress that has both?

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A-Line Wedding Dresses

A popular choice for brides is the A-line wedding dress. They have many similarities with the princess/ball gown style dress while also being quite different. An A-line dress is flattering on all body types so it’s not a surprise that many brides opt for this feminine style.

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Autumn Mocktails

Last week, we looked at autumn cocktails to serve at your wedding, drinks that encapsulate autumn in a glass and keep you warm.  Not everyone drinks alcohol though and you’ll want something for everyone, so here are some autumn mocktails as an alternative.

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Ballgown Wedding Dresses

Ballgown weddings dresses are also known as princess wedding dresses. They have a classic fairy tale princess silhouette with a bodice and flared skirt. When people think about wedding dresses, it’s probably the one style most people think about, with good reason.

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Cocktails for Autumn Weddings

The seasons come with their own unique flavour and we can celebrate these in cocktails at your wedding.

I’ve gathered together five autumnal cocktails that are easy to make and sure to please your guests on these colder days. With hot cocktails, champagne cocktails and even one with gin, there is bound to be something for every palette.

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Fit and Flare Dresses

Whether we call them fit and flare, mermaid or fishtail, or even trumpet dresses, we are all meaning the same thing, a figure-hugging gown with a statement skirt. They are incredibly versatile, perfect for all shapes and sizes. Read more