Maternity Wedding Dresses

Getting married and pregnant? Double congratulations! Your wedding should be an even bigger celebration, and you and your bump need to look glorious. You could get a normal wedding dress and have it altered, it’s what I did when I was a bridesmaid for one of my friends and pregnant. Or look for maternity wedding dresses designed with you and your baby in mind. Read more

Establishing Shots

At some point during your wedding planning, you’re going to have to think about establishing shots for your photographer or videographer. What are those, you ask, and it isn’t a stupid question? There’s lots of lingo used for weddings and getting your head around it can be a task in itself. Read more

Wedding Wind Downs

A trend on the rise is the idea of wedding wind downs. Think back to any disco you’ve been to when it gets towards the end of the night and they start playing romantic or slower songs. When I was younger Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi (giving away my age) was the sign the night was ending. Read more

Gorgeous Name Places

People notice the little things. Sometimes what we include in our wedding is as important as what we leave out. A little thing I notice at weddings is the name cards on the tables. I have a box of them because I like to keep them. They’re beautiful works of art that tie in with the wedding’s theme. Here are ten examples of current trends in place settings for your inspiration. Read more

Vegetarian Guests

A little while ago I was at an event with a friend who’s vegetarian. When the food was brought out, us meat eaters were served first, and my friend was left waiting. All the meat eaters on the other tables were served, and my friend was still waiting. In the end, we had to grab someone’s attention and when her food arrived, it was cold and nothing like the formal roast dinner I had. Read more

Dried Flowers

A big trend in wedding flowers for 2019 is dried flowers. For a relaxed, vintage or Boho wedding, a bouquet made entirely of dried flowers will work perfectly and give you an already preserved keepsake to take home at the end of the day. Read more

Pageboy Outfits

After looking at this year’s trends for grooms and their principal men, I got to thinking about the littlest men at our weddings and their pageboy outfits. Read more

Floral Installations

A stunning trend for weddings is floral installations. They up the flowers used in your wedding for maximum impact and if you’re looking at Cheshire wedding venues for your floral artwork, then Capesthorne Hall has all the space you need. Read more

Grooms Trends

When we think of fashion for the groom, we probably tend towards the traditional, a morning suit with top hat and tails, or possibly a tuxedo. However, just as there is no one size fits all for women this is also true for men and there are some weddings where the traditional look will really kill the atmosphere you’re going for. We’ve put together some fabulous grooms trends to show there are as many choices for men as there are for women. Read more

Entertaining Children

As a parent with two small kids, entertaining children at social gatherings is one of my top priorities. Being able to go to a wedding, or any party really, without worrying about my children getting bored is the greatest gift anyone can give me. Here are ten simple and inexpensive ideas to keeping your littlest guests entertained so your bigger guests can relax. Read more