Pantone Wedding Dress Trend 2017

We recently wrote of the wedding dress trend of floral prints within the bridal industry. Well it seems the catwalks are increasingly urging modern brides to ditch the traditional white, as the coloured wedding dress also makes a move on the popularity scales. Read more

Quirky Bridal Winter Warmers

Your wedding is imminent and you’re looking out of the window at the frost, sleet and/or snow and thinking, “I am going to freeze to death I my strapless dress!” – right?

We have 5 innovative winter warmers to keep you wrapped up at your wedding through the biting weather and they don’t have to break the bank. Read more

Decorate your Wedding with Lavender

…or, ways to make your wedding day smell amazing with lavender decoration!

Lavender contains numerous qualities and health benefits, which have been used for centuries: anxiety relief, sleep aid, digestive aid and endless others. It is one of the rare floral plants that contain these benefits as well as looking and smelling amazing. Imagine your wedding day not just looking incredible, but having an aroma about it too? Pretty unique huh? But lavender decoration isn’t just for bouquets and buttonholes.

Here are some creative ideas to infuse as much lavender into your day and wedding venue as possible: Read more

Reasons to Wear a Floral Wedding Dress

With welcoming in a new year comes embracing new trends, just as much in the Bridal industry as everywhere else. One of the hottest trends on the Bridal catwalk last year was 3D floral wedding dress, floral embroidery and floral lace bridal gowns. In a nutshell, dresses have gone full on botanical for the first time in wedding history and we adore it!

Some designs are more subtle and understated, whereas others are more impacting. If you are considering a floral wedding dress, here are 5 reasons to tip the balance in its favour… Read more

5 Reasons to Love Hair Garlands

One of the most magical wedding trends of 2016 was the hair garland. Not just for flower girls, we have seen hair garlands as dainty as a daisy chain and as flamboyant as a head dress from the Caribbean. Small or large, hair garlands are a brave move for the modern bride and you may be wondering whether this is something you can ‘pull off’. Debate the idea no further, as here are five great reasons to brave it with a magical hair garland:

Read more

Unique Flowers for your Bouquet

Bored of the same arrangements of roses, gypsophila and peonies?

Are you looking for some stand-out florals for your bridal bouquet that are memorable and unique? Well look no further.

Here are our top 5 discoveries of quirky alternatives to the traditional bridal flowers… Read more

The Ultimate Romantic Wedding

Shot at Capesthorne by CG Weddngs

In the modern day, we are shrouded by industrial weddings, rustic weddings, destination weddings, retro weddings…all of which are wonderful, but it may make some brides feel as though it’s no longer ‘okay’ to embrace the traditions of the romantic wedding. Some may say that the romantic style is ‘typical’ for a wedding, but if you can’t embrace the full decadence of this style on your wedding day, when else can you?! Here is some inspiration for those out there looking to embrace fully their dreamy, romantic sensibilities. Read more

Selecting Your Wedding Dress

selecting-your-wedding-dressIt’s easy for The Wedding Dress to become the biggest element, stress, and focus of your wedding planning. We get it. Every woman wants to feel like the best version of themselves, but it isn’t worth losing yourself in the process. Here are some words of advice as you embark on the selection process… Read more

Top 5 ‘Something Blues’

blue-1If you like to adhere to tradition and are abiding by “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, you may feel a little stuck for original ideas. Here are 5 unique ways to bring the blue to your special day. Read more

Things to Love About Christmas Weddings

blog-christmas-baublesSome couples prefer not to let Christmas steal their thunder on their wedding day and understandably so. But we say that the festive season is a very obvious tool at your disposal and needs to be utilised to the max!

Here are 10 things to give you goosebumps about your Christmas Wedding. Read more