All White Wedding Inspiration

It is ALWAYS a nice day for a white wedding…and we’re not talking about a snowfall kind of wedding, but pure and simple theme of white throughout the day.

It was once unheard of for anyone besides the Bride to dress in white, but women today are less precious and more carefree. It’s also safe to say that symbolising virginity and purity is less of a concern for the modern woman!

White is clean, crisp, elegant, pure, inspiring, chic, timeless, flattering…There are a multitude of excellent reasons to roll with the theme of white for your big day. Here are a few key areas to pay attention to in order to make sure your day really does go all white. Read more

Enchanted Garden Wedding Inspiration

Everyone wants the storybook, fairytale like wedding, let’s admit it. And we believe that everyone deserves it. But it’s not just about the romance and sincerity of expression, but about the entire set up of your wedding day. Where to start? We have sought inspiration from favourite children’s novel ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, with a hint of the fantasy world from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare and come up with several essential pieces of inspiration for an Enchanted Garden Wedding theme. Read more

Antique Wedding Inspiration

The words ‘vintage’, ‘rustic’ and ‘retro’ are thrown about quite a bit these days, particularly in relation to weddings. We find that they can be a little too broad and perhaps a little eclectic at times. We have tried to be more specific about finding what is so beautiful about the foregone eras and realised that it is the objects that are original, not replicated or imitated, that offer the true beauty of the ‘old’ and antique.

You see it adorned in Stately Home venues, furniture, mantelpieces, ornaments, crockery, jewellery, even clothing. Here are a few key pieces of inspiration for a wedding that echoes everything that it truly beautiful about the past: Read more

Wedding Dress Shape Guide

One of the biggest dilemmas for any Bride can be choosing a wedding dress shape that is flattering to their body type. So often we hear of Brides who were convinced about the shape of dress they wanted for their big day, only to try said dress on and find the fit disappointing. We believe that you choose the dress to fit your true self, not in adjusting your true self to fit the ideal dress!

Dress shapes tend to fall into one of seven different categories. Here is a brief guide to these categories and the features of each: Read more

French Inspired Weddings

Whether it be Parisian sophistication, Riviera glamour, or Provence elegance, the French undeniably know how to do aesthetics. Whilst we are on the topic of French weddings, they also have an entirely different approach to the whole affair.

Here are some things that we love about both the style and philosophy behind quintessentially French weddings: Read more

The Modern Day Bride

Featuring Halfpenny London

Oh the woes of being a modern day Bride! As if defining your personal style wasn’t hard enough, translating that style as a Bride or Groom is the peak of all style challenges. Image speaks volumes about who a person is, what they want and what is important to them, which is why Bride and Groom style can present such a conundrum.

It’s rare, therefore, to come across a bridal range that caters to the modern day woman, in all her different tastes, values, shapes and sizes, but also pays due diligence to some of the most inspiring fashions from across the decades.

Kate Halfpenny of Halfpenny London does just that and it’s no wonder that the British Bridal industry is all a fluster about her. With multiple features on Love My Dress (Love My Dress), Rock My Wedding (Rock My Wedding) and mentioned in Vogue’s top designers to watch in 2017, we decided to join in sharing the excitement over this innovative designer with our Cheshire Brides.

Here are 5 things that we think are awesome about being a Modern Bride: Read more

Wedding Hair Trends

Wedding hair can become a bit of an enigma, when dresses, flowers and even accessories tend to get first port of call before the Bride’s mane gets a look in. We find that Brides can get themselves all in a tangle over whether to wear their hair up, or down…then whether to go neat and sleek, or wild and messy…straight or curly, elegant or boho, understated or statement!

We are here to make it simple for you with three current, popular styles, within which there is plenty of scope for inspiration. And the best thing? They are all fool proof, easy and fuss free! Read more

Reasons to Wear Bridal Separates

Watters, Monsoon, Charlotte Balbier, Kate Beaumont, Laure De Sagazan…these are just a few of the Bridal Designer names that have cleverly jumped on board the Bridal Separates wagon. Whether it be a risqué midriff baring two piece, or a sneaky slip with overlay, the skirt and top ensemble is achingly cool and contemporary. Separates certainly veer away from the more traditional wedding attire, but here are 5 reasons to give them careful consideration. Read more

Springtime Wedding Seasonal Cocktails

With the success of our last Cocktail themed post during the Winter, we thought a follow up of Springtime wedding cocktails might be helpful. If you would like to exchange the customary glass of Prosecco at your drinks reception for some delicious and alcoholic springtime magic in a glass, simply hand these recipes to your catering team and bar staff. Be sure to try them out at home beforehand ….. Read more

Spring Wedding Inspiration

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”   Pablo Neruda

Spring is coming and along with it the flurry of excitement for Springtime weddings! Whether you are at the end of planning your wedding this Springtime, or looking for inspiration for your Spring wedding next year (or the year after), we have come up with 5 essential pieces of inspiration, to ensure your day is full of sunshine, no matter what the weather brings. Read more