Inspiring Bridesmaid Trends

Most wedding traditions have been round for centuries. Although many have evolved over time, today’s couples are looking to move away from some of these time-old traditions. Let’s start with some current inspiring bridesmaid trends: Read more

Dreamy Wedding Lighting

There are certain features you can incorporate into your wedding day that are guaranteed NOT to go wrong, wedding lighting is one of them. We’re not talking about daylight or standard room lighting, but fairy lights, lantern lights and candlelight. And this is one of those areas where more is MORE, as evidence proves time and time over.

Unsure about where to start in making your Wedding Light Fantastic? Here are several fool-proof lighting scenarios to make your wedding day utterly dreamy: Read more

Top Tips for the Stylish Groom

We’ve spent a lot of time this year so far focusing on Brides, their dresses, their needs and their whims, but what about the stylish groom? We hope you’ll forgive us Gentlemen, especially when we are sympathetic to the fact that the wedding industry can be so female orientated and focused. Your needs are just as important and we appreciate that your journey to find the right wedding outfit for you is equally as ambiguous.

There is a distinct lack of guidance out there for the men. Occasionally life it made a little simpler for you when a wedding theme has been decided upon and your choice is therefore narrowed down somewhat, to say a morning suit or black tie. But when options are left open you are left with a number of distinctive styles that don’t necessarily work for every gent. For instance, the tweed suit, blue suits, casual linen attire and bold prints and braces.

If you are a Groom who simply wants to look his best on your wedding day, without seeming to have tried too hard, but also with a hint of originality, here are our top tips on how to go about this arduous task: Read more

Dreamy, Unusual Wedding Colour Schemes

We have written previously about how to maximise your chosen colour scheme according to your choice of colour, but who is to say that a wedding needs to have just one colour theme? Why not take inspiration from your colours at your wedding venue? If you want to be really creative with your colour schemes and draw upon multiple shades, we have drawn up five unexpected palettes to help inspire you.

The similarity between these palettes are the repetition of colours such as Sage, Blush, Salmon and Gold; this is because each of these colours re easy to incorporate into your wedding set up. For example, sage green in the foliage of your floral arrangements, pale blush and salmon within your bouquet, and flashes of gold added with the help of a tin of spray paint! Colours such as Bright Red, Yellow and Navy Blue may require a little more detailed research. Read more

Creating the Perfect Gatsby Wedding

Popularised by the sensational 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby has been recreated as a major motion picture twice over and thus keeps lending itself perfectly as a theme for any significant event, including Gatsby theme weddings.

The Great Gatsby follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town on prosperous Long Island, New York in the summer of 1922. Gatsby themed events mirror the tone of this story and are always 100% glamour and sophistication, but with a hint of the adventurous. The Gatsby style fits perfectly with a stately home wedding venue. Here are a few key areas not to be missed in planning your fabulous Gatsby themed wedding… Read more

2017 Bow Wedding Dress Trend

You may have noticed a thread of similarity between our recent blogs and that is the wedding dress trends for this year. So far, we have looked at the floral dresses, pantone dresses, tulle dresses and now…wait for it…bows.

No, we’re not joking, it really is like being transported into the 1980’s. Be it small, pretty and decorative, or huge, unmissable statement bows are all over the bridal designer catwalk. Top designers Victor & Rolf and Oscar De La Renta have gone big and bold with their designs, elegantly placed against simple silhouettes. Other designers feature bows on a smaller scale, such as Reem Acra and Monique Huillier.

Not convinced? Well, here are a few things we really love about this latest trend: Read more

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are arguable one of the most important announcements you will ever send out within your lifetime. Aside from baby showers and birth announcements, nothing else quite tops the feeling you get from sending out the official invite to a momentous day.

Wedding invitations end up on notice boards, fridges, mantelpieces, diaries and, maybe occasionally, car glove compartments! Arriving amidst a flurry of others, not to mention other notable correspondence, is inevitable. So it’s understandable if you want yours to stand out from the masses!

How can you guarantee that your invite gets pride of place on the mantelpiece? How do you ensure that it doesn’t get lost and forgotten about? How can you make an impact so that your wedding date never leaves your invitees minds?

Here are five unusual ideas for wedding invitations to help solve this conundrum: Read more

Reasons to Wear Tulle

It’s probably safe to say that pretty much every Bride has experienced a shudder of fear at the mention of the ‘meringue’ tulle dress. The infamous 80’s bridal trend has cursed the reputation of big, full skirts, that today’s Brides are so haunted with ‘meringue’ nightmares that they daren’t even go near a layered skirt.

We are here to usher back in the reign of the tulle and offer you five reasons why you should consider joining us… Read more

Reasons for a Smaller Wedding

Writing your guest list is arguably the most complex and arduous task within wedding planning. We often hear our couples say that they ‘have’ to have a big wedding when really they would love a smaller wedding. Or they worry about scaling down their ‘necessary’ guest list to meet the requirements of their dream wedding venue.

Here are a few things for you to consider and that may help tip the balance in your favour when scaling down your guest list for a smaller wedding. Read more

Pantone Wedding Dress Trend 2017

We recently wrote of the wedding dress trend of floral prints within the bridal industry. Well it seems the catwalks are increasingly urging modern brides to ditch the traditional white, as the coloured wedding dress also makes a move on the popularity scales. Read more