Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Sparkle

gliter-mainIt may be because the festive season is upon us, but we are inspired by all kinds of shininess and sparkle right now. When better to indulge in the whimsy of glitter than on your wedding day?! But it’s not just about a glittery shoe peeping from beneath the dress, or carefully selected bridesmaid gowns worthy of 1920’s glamour. Oh no, there are immeasurable ways to make your wedding sparkle, and here are just a few… Read more

Readings for Your Wedding

readingsWhichever ceremony you choose to have for your marriage, a sharing of literature seems to be one thing that every style of ceremony has in common. It’s easy to drown in a plethora of popular readings from the Bible, poems, song lyrics, etc…

As with all tasks, we would like to try and make this one a little easier. First of all, here are 3 simple pieces of advice to consider when choosing a reading for your wedding ceremony: Read more

The Best Wedding Entertainment

carouselWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it many times, wedding days go so quickly for the ones marrying, but not so much for their guests.

Having some form of ‘entertainment’ has become rather customary at the modern wedding, but with varying successes. Outdoor games are weather dependent, live musicians are a matter of taste and any kind of activity infused with too much alcohol can go horribly awry. Here is a list of safe bets for your wedding entertainment along with some slightly more unique and less heard of ideas… Read more

Seasonal Cocktails for Your Winter Wedding


Following on from our last post, with various non-festive but seasonally appropriate details for your autumn-winter wedding, we thought we would give you (or rather your bar staff) a helping hand with some aesthetically gorgeous and utterly delicious cocktail recipes.

Why not exchange the standard glass of prosecco at your drinks reception for a Plum Thyme and Prossecco Smash? Sure, all of the following require a little more time and preparation than chilling bottles and popping some corks, but these recipes will offer your guests something scrumptious and unforgettable. Read more

Essential Winter Wedding Inspiration

mainThey say ’tis the season to get married! Winter weddings are a glorious affair, but often its hard to stay away from the typical festive influences and make your winter wedding truly unique and stand out.

Here are some ideas to stimulate your senses and re-invigorate your inspiration for your unique winter wedding. Read more

How to Alleviate Wedding Planning Conflict

kindness-pleaseThey say that the three most stressful things you will ever do in your lifetime are –

  1. Buy a house
  2. Have children
  3. Plan a wedding

….not necessarily in that order. These things have the power to both make and break important relationships, even the strongest ones. We understand the complex issues that arise with planning a wedding and empathise with all couples out there who resonate with this.

In an attempt to reassure and alleviate anxieties surrounding your planning, here are some (hopefully straightforward) suggestions to help you with any conflicts… Read more

Reasons To Wear Lace

lace1In our modern era of weddings there is a bible full of materials, styles, colours and textures applied to the art of bridal gown design. Beading, appliqué, silk, satin, sculpted silhouettes, even feathers and tapestry. But if you trail through photographs of brides from the 1800’s to 1970’s all you find is lace, lace, lace. Lace veils, lace trains, lace layers, all of which are making a comeback with many vintage wedding dress designers but even high end designers such as Alice Temperley and Ellie Saab. We wanted to take a moment of appreciation for the bygone era of lace and give you some solid reasons to tempt you into considering it for your bridal gown masterpiece and wedding day at large. Read more

The Top Five Designer Bridal 2017

92f4ae109e96efd47f76b616d9acf948Sometimes it really is a no-brainer that your wedding dress needs to have the absolute, undoubtable, irreplaceable WOW factor. Something that ticks all the boxes of elegance, style, uniqueness, timelessness and beauty epitomised. This is precisely what the big name designers in bridal wear work tirelessly at creating season upon season, but next years catalogue of bridal wear is something really special. From ethereal, almost vintage inspired lace, to bold silhouettes and grandiose trains, here are our five favourites straight from the runways for 2017. Read more

Get Me To The Church In Style

img_0121The Top 5 Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation often ends up at the bottom of couples ‘To Do’ lists. It is a necessary practicality that can lead to frustrating disagreements and stressed out decision making. But it needn’t be that difficult and you can combine good sense with fun and dream-like aesthetics.

Here are our Top 5 unique wedding transportation suggestions: Read more

Gifts and Accessories for Grooms

groom-1It is very easy for weddings to become feminised and all about the ladies. The industry caters very well to females, with a booming wedding dress, jewellery and accessories market, we soon forget about the men. Many suppliers have tapped into the male wedding style, but we think that what really makes the groom and his groomsmen are the accessories. If you’re looking for quirky additions to your grooms style, or for a special gift for your groom, look no further. Here are 10 unique wedding gift and accessory ideas for the boys. Read more