Gifts and Accessories for Grooms

groom-1It is very easy for weddings to become feminised and all about the ladies. The industry caters very well to females, with a booming wedding dress, jewellery and accessories market, we soon forget about the men. Many suppliers have tapped into the male wedding style, but we think that what really makes the groom and his groomsmen are the accessories. If you’re looking for quirky additions to your grooms style, or for a special gift for your groom, look no further. Here are 10 unique wedding gift and accessory ideas for the boys. Read more

More Wedding Colour Palate Inspiration

blog-purples-cropContinuing from our last blog about unique ideas for colour themes for your wedding, here are some more colour palate theme ideas to inspire you, some popular and some less conventional. Read more

Creative Table Plan Ideas

table-set-recordsOnce you’ve got past the arduous (to say the least) task of deciding who sits where, creating your actual seating table plan ought to be a fun, creative and relaxing activity. But sending off your finalised plan to the printers can be another unnecessary added expense. Want to do something a little more unique but no idea where to start? Here are ten ideas to get your imagination whirling and make your seating arrangements less of a headache and more of a joy.  Read more

5 Unique Wedding Dress Designers

bhldn-croppedThere is a plethora of bridal wear designs out there to spoil the present day bride. Whatever dream dress you imagine there are talented teams out there more than capable of making it happen. The struggle is to fish these people out of the vast sea of designers and amongst them find the truly unique and ‘different’ designs.

If you look hard enough you will find some individuals who are the exception to the rule and are thinking outside of the box in terms of their designs, without being so over the top that your mother has a breakdown!

We have saved you the trouble of searching far and wide and would like to draw your attention to 5 truly unique and current bridal wear designers to help make your dreams come true. Read more

Essential Table Centrepiece Inspiration

centrepiece2The table centrepiece at a wedding is arguably one of the most fundamental items of the entire wedding display. They help establish your overall theme by drawing the eye to the dominant display in the room.

The tricky balance to strike is to opt for something eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, or interesting, but not too large in order to avoid obstruction of visibility while dining and to allow serving staff easy access to the table.

Centrepieces are also used to display the name or numbers of the tables according to the designated plan. You may find ideas based on your wedding venue, candelabras look beautiful in a Stately Home wedding venue and rustic themes work well in barn venues.

Flowers always make a popular and beautiful centrepiece, but if you want your wedding to be remembered as a little more unusual here is (as ever) some essential inspiration for you. Read more

Wedding Colour Palate Inspiration

blog-sunflowersOne wedding tradition that never seems to fade away is that of having a colour theme.

Your chosen colour may depend external influences such as the colour of rooms at your wedding venue. Or you may think weddings are one of those rare occasions where you get to paint the world your favourite colour, have those you love wear it and generally lord about in it. And why not?! But the challenge comes when you think beyond the dress code (i.e. cravats, bridesmaids and flowers) to find other places to use your chosen colour.

So with that in mind, we have come up with a few unique wedding ideas for some of the popular colour palates. Read more

Wedding Keepsakes for your Guests

Blog sound trackThe time old tradition of giving wedding favours is wonderful, but somehow over the decades has at times lost its way. Sugared almonds used to be the standard go-to gift to wedding guests. It is said that these are symbolic, as the sweet shell and bitter almond represent the duality of marriage. These days, couples tend to opt for a gift that says something about them as a couple or something their guests will actually like! But how many weddings have we all been to where these little gifts have been left strewn on tables and discarded under a chair? It’s a lot of expense to go to for them to be forgotten about. We have looked at some unusual wedding treasures for your guests, that won’t break the bank and that stand a greater chance of being enjoyed. Read more

Wedding Keepsakes For One Another

Her Vows croppedAmongst all the planning for guests, food, drink, entertainment, flowers, music… And all the necessary details for your wedding, such as attire, transport, accommodation… It’s easy to forget the small yet significant acts that mean a lot to one another.

Your wedding venue may give you a keepsake to remind you of your special day and amid all the expense it’s understandable that wedding gifts to one another become low priority, but a small gesture or reminder of what your wedding is truly about can be really important, even if presented after the day itself. Here are a few small, inexpensive ideas of keepsakes to one another that will help you remember your unique wedding day for years to come. Read more

Taking Care of Your Wedding Guests

Blog SnuggleIt is so easy to get swept away in your own wants and needs when planning your wedding. And why not, it is after all, YOUR day. We’ve said before, a wedding day and a marriage is bigger than two people and but also about the people who support it.

More often than not wedding guests are more than happy to go to the time and expense that is an inevitable feature with weddings, but it does no harm to show a little appreciation to them in this regard. It’s also what makes certain wedding days particularly memorable. Here are a few things to consider in relation to your guests and how their experience of your unique wedding might be improved upon: Read more

Must-Have Signage for Your Wedding

SignsSignage is a major trend for all unique weddings at the moment, in fact weddings full stop. And it’s not just about offering practical information for your guests, signs have become a major aesthetic and have ever increasing entertainment value.

The style of your signage can be influenced by your venue – for a Cheshire wedding venue why not use Cheshire Cats as inspiration or a Barn wedding venue could have a rustic influence.

Here are some suggested signs for to create your unique wedding venue: Read more