Wedding Dress Neckline Guide

When it comes to looking for your wedding dress, the considerations can be overwhelming. It is fair to say that most women are uncertain about which styles and shapes are most suited /flattering to them.

It may help to break your preferences into categories according to shape (which we blogged about recently here), style (looking by Designer can help with this) and neckline.

Neckline’s are helpful to consider in relation to your upper body build but also comfort. Here are the 10 most common necklines to look out for when browsing. Read more

Top 5 Wedding Florals

With summertime in full bloom, our attention has turned to all things floral.  We have recently blogged about the summer flowers in season and previously about ‘Enchanted Garden’ wedding inspiration. With floristry skills at an all time high, there is no end to the creativity on offer for your special day. Here are our Top 5 displays of flowers for a wedding. Read more

Inspiring Buttonhole Ideas

Last week we researched Summer Florals for your Bouquet, but we felt it would be amiss if consideration wasn’t given to the gentlemen.

Gent’s buttonholes have the capacity to really make or let down their wedding attire. All too often that essential piece is created as an afterthought to bouquets and large arrangements.

Here are 4 key categories and arrangements to consider for gentlemen’s buttonholes: Read more

How to Navigate Wedding Open Days

Booking and attending Wedding Venue Open Days/Evenings can be potentially very stressful and confusing. Seemingly straightforward, many a blissfully unaware couple make their first visit to a venue and encounter a plethora of agendas. Mum takes an immediate dislike to aesthetics, Dad takes an immediate dislike to the price. Bride is worried about the capacity being too small, Groom is thrilled with the number limitations. You’re wondering where the harpist will go, you find the caterers unfriendly, they won’t allow a bouncy castle… it’s easy for a couple to feel very rapidly overwhelmed.

We are here to help and have written a brief and straightforward guide to ensure this doesn’t happen. Read more

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Although our British climate rarely blesses us with guaranteed, perfect, outdoor wedding weather, it would be an absolute shame to let this deter you from making the most of the beautiful British outdoors. Here at Capesthorne we have acres of grounds for our guests to enjoy. You can even have your ceremony outside, beside our stunning lake.

Here are a few ways for your guests to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather may bring. Read more

Summer Wedding Bouquets

When it comes to planning your wedding flowers at that all important first meeting with your florist, it is common for a couple to feel a little out of their depth and ignorant to the variety of flowers available to them. A good percentage of people understand what a rose or a sunflower looks like, but when it comes to other varieties and species they can feel a little oblivious.

If you are planning a summer wedding, here is a brief guide to some varieties of flowers available to you. We, of course, also recommend asking your florist for their recommendations, keeping in mind that certain flowers may not be available due to the temperature of the season. Read more

Inspiring Chair Decor

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding can be the finer, seemingly mundane, details. Who would have thought that selecting chairs and their covers would be so critical to the success of a wedding day?!

Well take a seat and relax, because help is at hand with some inspiring chair decor.

Don’t just settle for a white chair cover, consider one of these five decorative ideas for your ceremony and wedding breakfast seating. Read more

How to make your Wedding Guest List

Arguably the most challenging part of planning any wedding is writing the wedding guest list. The challenges and agendas this process presents are endless, and remain the same no matter the size or type of wedding. From a small civil ceremony in the town hall to a traditional Indian wedding with a capacity of 500 guests to comply with, couples will still ask one another the same questions.

We find that one of the most complicating factors is family and who will be disappointed if you don’t invite A, B or C. In an attempt to logically and practically guide you through this process we have 5 simple points of consideration for you… Read more

Wedding Soundtrack

The power that music has to influence mood and atmosphere is often taken for granted. Musical preference is enormously subjective, which can make it all the more challenging to create the soundtrack of you wedding. A heavy metal band at an evening reception is unheard of, but then if this is what a couple likes to listen to, who’s to stop them? How does your venue guide your musical choices? It’s also important to consider your audience and what tone your music is setting. It may be useful to consider the stages at which music can occur, whether that be live or canned, and how it may be appropriate to alter the style or genre according to the stage of the day.

Imagine your wedding day almost like a piece of theatre or a film. The theme music alters as the plot-line progresses. Here is a typical schedule for a wedding day and some ideas on how to appropriately incorporate music into these stages : Read more

Wedding Cake Trends

The wedding cake is one of the key areas you can make a statement at your unique wedding. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all guests and the couple but the cake itself has become less and less ‘traditional’.

Here are some of the most unique, current cake trends around. Read more