How to Simplify Your Wedding Planning

As the wedding industry ever evolves, with a multitude or fairs and events held every week, the options out there for couples planning their wedding day can be overwhelming. Although the array of creativity available is wonderful it’s also enough to cause anyone to doubt their own instincts. It can be a sensory overload. Is it any wonder that couples end up in countless disagreements over the details?

Here at Capesthorne, we believe in making your wedding day everything you hope for and achieving that needn’t be an overwhelming pressure.

With the endless list of things ‘To Do’, the key is to simplify. Here are some tips to try and help you do this:-

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To Veil or Not to Veil

The infamous Bridal and Fashion Designer Vera Wang said “The wedding veil is at once sacred and seductive” and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The two descriptions seem to be in contradiction with one another, however given the historical and religious relevance of the wedding veil it actually makes perfect sense.

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5 Magical Hair Styles for Bridal Inspiration

For a bride, hair can be a really tricky agenda! Practically speaking, a Bride needs to not have to fuss or bother about her tresses for an entire day, which is no mean feat. Aesthetically speaking, like every other aspect, she wants to feel the very best version of herself. For some Brides, this means doing something out of the ordinary with their hair. For others, it’s just about taking extra care in what they usually do.

We understand the significance of every little detail of your wedding, but especially the things that make a Bride (and Groom) feel wonderful on the most important day of their lives. The last thing they want is a stiff ‘do’ that doesn’t feel anything like their true self, in any way, shape or form.

Here are 5 hair styles we have researched, which we hope will offer you some inspiration on how you might feel like your best self on your big day…

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5 Current Bridal Styles to Inspire

You often hear that when a woman gets engaged she immediately knows what sort of dress she wants to marry in, but then finds that when she tries her dream dress on, it’s just not right.

We have therefore tried to simplify the issue by giving you five current styles to consider and inspire your hunt for the perfect dress.

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Don’t hire a wedding photographer who…

Having difficulty deciding on your wedding photographer? Here are a few essentials to avoid to help you with this decision.

Don’t hire a photographer who…

…carries equipment that looks like it’s about to film an episode of Star Wars…

…flirts with the Bride or Groom…

…can’t get your names right…

…can’t remember your Mum’s name…

…tells you about their divorce…

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10 Things a Groom Wishes He Could Say

  1. “While you get to look like a fairytale princess, I have to dress like a bad extra from Downton Abbey. Where’s the fairness in that?”
  1. “I think your mother is actually insane.”

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10 Things a Mother of the Bride Wishes She Could Say

  1. You think this wedding is all about you? Just remember if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even exist.
  2. If you slouch in your wedding photographs, I will disown you.

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10 Things a Mother of the Groom Wishes She Could Say

  1. “I lie awake night after night worrying that you will break my son’s heart.”
  1. “Were you raised by a pack of wolves, or do you simply delight in having absolutely no manners?”

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10 Things a Bridesmaid Wishes They Could Say

  1. “No I am not cool with your ‘LA Chic’ theme. I feel like a lady of the night.”
  1. “I am not going on a diet to fit into a dress that should never be worn by a grown, adult, woman.

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10 Ways to Keep a Bride Happy

    You don’t have to agree with all her ideas, but being negative will only kill her dream and dampen her spirits

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