Best of Bridal Spring-Summer 2018

Catwalks across the globe have recently seen the launch of next year’s Bridal wear and just when you think designs couldn’t get any more luscious and swoon-worthy…they do. But this season’s collections featured some exciting new names amongst the ever-faithful favourites, such as Ellie Saab and Jenny Packham. Here are our favourite designers from the recent launch of Bridal wear to whet your appetite for dress shopping; Read more

Top Ten Bridesmaid Dresses

…That Your Girls Won’t Hate You For

Well thank heavens for the modern day Bridal industry, as Bridesmaid dresses now not only don’t need to match but it needn’t be something that they only wear the once too. Gone are the days of expecting an entourage of lemmings to traipse behind the radiant Bride, looking utterly miserable about what they’ve been forced to fit into, but The Bridesmaid now has freedom of choice, comfort, style and fit.

The High Street have been pretty savvy at latching on to this new state of affairs and are providing a very nice array of outfits that minimise the risk of your maids hating you for eternity after your wedding is over.

But before you get all giddy about scouring our pick of the crop, here are a few key pieces of advice on selecting the right dresses for your girls and keeping the peace with all involved: Read more

Alternative Wedding Dresses

As much as there are an endless number of gifted Bridal designers today, from the big names to the independent, bespoke seamstresses, for a Bride who dreams of looking really unique on her wedding day it can still be tough to find a wedding dress that isn’t like any other wedding dress.

Are you a bride who can’t imagine herself in a white, or even ivory, dress? Who, if you’re honest, detests the thought of pursuing Bridal shops? Who really wants to feel special on her wedding day, but reassured that no-one else has worn this dress before?

Well we have done a little of the leg work for you and found 10 designs from the catwalk that aren’t designed with a Bride in mind but would make a truly unique wedding dress. Take inspiration from these designers and here are a few little bits of advice in sourcing your ‘alternative’ wedding dress: Read more

Alternative Wedding Make Up

When it comes to wedding makeup there tend to be two extreme camps that Brides fall in to. The Natural Look or The Dramatic Look. You would like to look natural and effortlessly glowing, but not wiped out. You would like to make a statement, but not like a drag queen. Red lip, nude lip, natural eye, lined eye…and don’t even get us started on the nails!

We think we have come up with an answer that might cleverly merge the two realms of naturalism and statement making. Here are some alternative pieces of inspiration for your wedding day makeup. Read more

Topshop Bridal

Brides to be, stop everything you are doing straight away and listen up, because the answer to all your Bridal conundrums is here.

You want a dress that is unique, current, elegant and stylish yet with just a hint of bohemian whimsy? That you will look like a princess in, without feeling like a completely different version of yourself? That you’re comfortable in, but won’t annihilate your budget completely…and ideally that you can wear again – right?

Well favourite high-street fashion brand Topshop have finally gone and done it and launched their own Bridal range. Not JUST Bride’s dresses, but shoes, accessories, lingerie AND a wide range of Bridesmaids dresses! Read more

Mediterranean Wedding Inspiration

We recently did a feature on all things sumptuously French, from the Riviera to Paris, and now we venture south to seek inspiration for a forthcoming sunny summer Mediterranean wedding.

The Spanish do outdoor Casa weddings outstandingly and although us Brits might not always have the fortune of good weather on our side, there’s nothing to say we can’t replicate a little of the Mediterranean on our home turf.

Here are 5 pieces of essential inspiration for a flavoursome Mediterranean wedding… Read more

The Week Before The Wedding

When all said and done, we know all too well that after all the fuss about major decisions like The Venue, The Dress, The Vows, what a couple really wants is some actual, practical and realistic advice the week before the wedding.

In our experience, it is the week before the wedding that couples need the most support and the most protection from making seemingly small yet potentially very stressful mistakes.

Here are the top 10 most common errors made the week before your wedding and how to avoid them:

DON’T… Read more

All White Wedding Inspiration

It is ALWAYS a nice day for a white wedding…and we’re not talking about a snowfall kind of wedding, but pure and simple theme of white throughout the day.

It was once unheard of for anyone besides the Bride to dress in white, but women today are less precious and more carefree. It’s also safe to say that symbolising virginity and purity is less of a concern for the modern woman!

White is clean, crisp, elegant, pure, inspiring, chic, timeless, flattering…There are a multitude of excellent reasons to roll with the theme of white for your big day. Here are a few key areas to pay attention to in order to make sure your day really does go all white. Read more

Enchanted Garden Wedding Inspiration

Everyone wants the storybook, fairytale like wedding, let’s admit it. And we believe that everyone deserves it. But it’s not just about the romance and sincerity of expression, but about the entire set up of your wedding day. Where to start? We have sought inspiration from favourite children’s novel ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, with a hint of the fantasy world from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare and come up with several essential pieces of inspiration for an Enchanted Garden Wedding theme. Read more

Antique Wedding Inspiration

The words ‘vintage’, ‘rustic’ and ‘retro’ are thrown about quite a bit these days, particularly in relation to weddings. We find that they can be a little too broad and perhaps a little eclectic at times. We have tried to be more specific about finding what is so beautiful about the foregone eras and realised that it is the objects that are original, not replicated or imitated, that offer the true beauty of the ‘old’ and antique.

You see it adorned in Stately Home venues, furniture, mantelpieces, ornaments, crockery, jewellery, even clothing. Here are a few key pieces of inspiration for a wedding that echoes everything that it truly beautiful about the past: Read more