10 Unhelpful Questions….

Question-Mark_V31…to Ask an Engaged Couple

Before you get too bogged down in arguments about whether to have a castle wedding venue or not, whether to have a church or civil ceremony and whether the chicken or the beef, prepare yourself for the series of ‘well meant’ questions from friends, family and random enquirers. You can expect any of the following and recommend having a good laugh about it now.

For readers who know someone who is engaged – have a care and avoid pestering them with the following 10 unhelpful questions –

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Magical Inspiration for Your Country Wedding

Lights CollageWhen you think of a country wedding, images of rolling landscape, tweed and hay bales spring to mind. All wonderful things, but how do you make yet another country wedding that little bit different, unique and truly magical? It might be useful, particularly to those looking for the epitome Cheshire country wedding, to consider some alternative spins on country inspiration.

In the countryside counties you have some unique wedding venues on offer – barns, stately homes, castles, you name it. But why not draw your inspiration from the nature surrounding these wedding venues.  Read more

Reasons to Have a Tipi Wedding

Capesthorne Tipi Cover Picture

Who’s not heard or seen the Tipi trend for weddings? Guaranteed to make your photographer giddy with glee, these are very unique wedding venues. If you’re mmm-ing and aah-ing about whether to go down this route, here are a few thoughts that might tip the balance. Read more

5 Inspiring Styles for Bridesmaids

Skirts2Some Brides choose to have an entourage of bridesmaids beside them on their wedding day. Others opt for one or two. Either way, dressing your closest female friends can be an arduous task! For one, it’s an uncomfortable prospect dictating to another woman how to dress, quite aside from selecting a style to compliment their personality and shape. Should a Bride choose an outfit that reflects them, or their maids? Should you consider the type of venue, for example styling for a unique wedding venue such as a castle wedding venue? Bridesmaid style these days is ever evolving in order to help address this conundrum.

Here are 5 styles to help you dress your bridesmaids in a way that keeps everyone happy. Read more

10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 10


You best check this with your venue especially with Castle wedding venues or Stately Home wedding venues.  This  might be difficult to source but if achievable it’s certainly memorable. If you have any especially artistic friends, why not commission them to do a mural prior to the wedding day that guests can add to.

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10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 9

Flour Hearts squareFlour Hearts

We love this idea and again it’s so easy but do check with your church and your wedding venue first, especially Castle wedding venues and Stately Home wedding venues!

All you need is to create your own heart stencil, then scatter flour onto the stencil on any kind of surface to make the floors LOVELY.



10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 8

Sweets and CrayonsSweets and Crayons

Not just for the kids, what’s not to love here?! Encourage your guests to be silly, even provide them with paper table clothes so they can go doodle crazy. And sweets are an easy way to keep everyone going on a long day!



10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 7

BalloonsBalloon Wishes

Perhaps less cost effective, but ‘effective’ none the less, have a number of balloons filled with helium for each of your guests to release and make a wish for you. This also makes for an awesome photo opportunity.

10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 6

Lavender ConfettiLavender Confetti

This one takes some pre-thought and again a creative will, but it makes that beautiful confetti moment all the more special. Dry reams of lavender then crumble the buds to create your own confetti. If you have the time and patience, small, personalised pouches can be made for guests to pick up and keep. Alternately, you could heap the lavender into one large basket for guests to simple dig into and throw.

10 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable for Your Guests: No 5

Sheet Music MatsSheet Music Place Mats

Again, simple, cost effective, but effective, why not print A3 copies of songs that mean something to you, to use as place settings. You can even find old sheet music from various antique book stores.