The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 3

The Gift List
Many people feel uncomfortable about the idea of a wedding gift list as it implies that you are asking for people to spend money on you. These days couples set up ‘Honeymoon Funds’ or ask for contributions towards starting a new home together. But needless to say, anything that mixes money and relationships is never a walk in the park.

If you resonate with this, you may well be surprised with how much your guests may want to give you gifts. Read more

The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 2

Honour the sacred tradition of the hen stag do
For some Brides and Grooms the thought of a ‘do’ in their honour, a gaggle of matching bridesmaids and groomsmen and being forced to wear a mortifying costume and parade about town, will make you shudder. It is understandable that many would prefer not to undergo this experience at all. Read more

The Top 10 Wedding Traditions to Say “I do” to: No 1

The Wedding Rings
It is interesting how in this day and age some couples opt to save on their wedding budget in regards to their wedding rings. Some people take their rings off a few days after the wedding because they’re not used to it and some even opt for no rings at all. Looking at it another way, The Wedding Ring is a symbol of your union, which is forever at hand, if you’ll forgive the pun! Plus, it does wonders for warding off any unwanted attention!

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Finding the right Wedding Venue

What Are You Looking For?

In the world of wedding planning, they say the biggest hurdle is finding your venue. After that, it’s all just detail. Having been there, I wouldn’t entirely disagree, although personally found the ‘detail’ element challenging in itself. But more on that another time. Read more