Top Men’s Fragrances For The Groom

Top Men’s Fragrances For The Groom

An irresistible men’s fragrance is simply a must for the groom on his wedding day.

Studies have shown that wearing a great fragrance can improve your mood, give you confidence and leave a lasting impression in the memory.

All the more reason for choosing your fragrance carefully, it really is the perfect finishing touch!


What is a Cologne?

The term Eau de Cologne relates to the potency of the fragrance. Eau de Parfum has a strong concentration of fragrance oil, and will last for more hours on the skin.

Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Colognes have a much lower concentration of fragrance oil making them less potent.

Terre D’Hermes

A fresh and spicy fragrance blending citrus notes with black pepper, cedar and patchouli – a true classic.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

A distinctive fragrance from Tom Ford blending exotic woody notes with the warmth of vanilla and amber.


Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur

Created by master perfumer Maurice Roucel, this sensuous fragrance is spicy and musky.

It has notes of bergamot, lavender and cinnamon combined with sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Le Labo Another 13

A totally unique fragrance, Another 13 combines a synthetic animal musk with other notes such as jasmine and moss to make an irresistible scent.

Gucci   Love At Your Darkest

Love At Your Darkest is a new addition to Gucci’s line of luxury fragrances with notes of black pepper, incense, and sweet balsamic cedar that create a sensual potion.

It comes packaged in an elegant bottle inspired by vintage apothecary jars.


Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

A fresh woody fragrance reminiscent of the seaside, containing silver birch and lavender with a grapefruit top note for a citrus twist.


Isley Miyake L Eau D’Issey Eau & Cedre

Woody and aromatic with a light freshness, featuring notes of cardamom, cedarwood, vetiver and patchouli.

The best way to apply cologne is immediately after you shower, apply directly to skin and focus on pulse points.

Remember less is more – you can always re apply later.



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