Wedding Photography

Your Must Have List for Wedding Photography

You may have already decided on your wedding photographer. But have you thought about the actual shots you’d like to have for your wedding photography?

There are some special images that you will want to treasure forever so here is a list of the ones we think are most important.

Getting Ready

Those pre- wedding moments of excitement when you are getting ready are so precious.

Make sure you let your photographer know important timings, for example when your makeup artist will be there if you would like images of you having your makeup done.

The Dress

Remember to ask your photographer to take a shot of your wedding dress hanging in a beautiful location.

Capturing moments like this will make your finished photo album very special.

Group Shots

You may not want the group shots to come across as too staged, but you will want photos of specific people together on the day.

Think about what you want these shots to look like, but most important of all make sure you’re clear on who you want to be in them.

Arriving At Your Ceremony

Its important to capture this special moment when all the excitement and joy come together.

Remember that it’s a moment your partner doesn’t get to see, so to have it captured on camera is extra special.


The Confetti/Exit Shot

This is where the very first moments of your married life are captured!

The happy smiles, the relief that the serious part is over, and now you can look forward to partying with your friends and family.

The Bouquet

As your bouquet will only live for around a week or so after the wedding, make sure you get lots of lovely photographs from all different angles.

The Venue

All of your careful planning culminates in how amazing your venue will look on the day itself.

Your photographer will usually sneak into the venue and capture some amazing shots of the setup before your guests see it. Which is a lovely addition to your wedding photographs!

If this is important for you make sure you communicate this in advance.

Your First Dance

This is quite often the photographer’s final job of the day. Capturing the special moment of your first dance for you to remember forever.



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