The Groom’s Speech

The Groom’s Speech

The Groom’s speech is one of the most important duties of the Groom on his wedding day.

Who to thank? What to talk about? Here is our guide to these questions and more!

The Tradition of the Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech traditionally comes at the end of the wedding breakfast.

It’s part of the transition from the formalities of the day into the party.

If you are having a toastmaster at your wedding, they would introduce each speaker ahead of their speech, but you could ask a member of your wedding party to do this.


Timing Of The Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech follows the father of the bride’s speech.

The father of the bride would traditionally go first as the host of the day.

Some couples are opting to have the speeches before the wedding breakfast so you can relax and enjoy your meal.


Who Does the Groom Need to Thank?


The Father of the Bride (or the equivalent person in that role).

The groom should thank them for their speech on behalf of himself and his new wife or husband.


The Guests.

The groom should thank the guests for coming to celebrate their day.


His Partner’s Parents.

It’s polite for the groom to thank his partner’s parents for raising the person he fell in love with, as well as for hosting the day (if that applies!)


His Own Parents.

The groom should thank his parents for raising him and for any help given ahead of the wedding and on the day.


The Best Man.

The groom should thank the best man for his help in the run up to the wedding, the stag party and for the best man duties that have been carried out on the day.


Any Other Helpers.

He should thank the ushers, any witnesses, and those who gave wedding readings etc.

The Mothers of the Bride and Groom.

It’s a nice touch to present the mothers of the bride and groom with gifts, such as a beautiful bouquet of flowers each to thank them for their help.


The Bridesmaids.

The groom should thank the bridesmaids for helping the bride and planning her hen party, and he should pay them a meaningful compliment as well as leading a toast to them.

His Partner

The groom should thank his bride or groom, lavishly compliment them and lead a toast to them to round off his speech.



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