Top Ten Bridesmaid Dresses

…That Your Girls Won’t Hate You For

Well thank heavens for the modern day Bridal industry, as Bridesmaid dresses now not only don’t need to match but it needn’t be something that they only wear the once too. Gone are the days of expecting an entourage of lemmings to traipse behind the radiant Bride, looking utterly miserable about what they’ve been forced to fit into, but The Bridesmaid now has freedom of choice, comfort, style and fit.

The High Street have been pretty savvy at latching on to this new state of affairs and are providing a very nice array of outfits that minimise the risk of your maids hating you for eternity after your wedding is over.

But before you get all giddy about scouring our pick of the crop, here are a few key pieces of advice on selecting the right dresses for your girls and keeping the peace with all involved:

Ascertain size range

Whether you have 2 maids or 10, don’t make assumptions nor judgements about their dress sizes. Do not expect them to slim or alter to fit your desired dress. This won’t make them or you any happier. Get a range from each maid, for instance a Topshop Size 14 but a Marks and Spencer’s Size 10…lets be honest, this is the reality!

Be sensitive

We all have areas about our bodies and shape that we struggle with, although we may not understand or appreciate others struggles. Think of how you feel when you wear something that highlights your least favourite areas and don’t put your girls through that. Be kind to them and encourage their beauty.

Don’t take the whole brigade shopping

It may seem time effective, but it will cause you more stress in mixing the agendas of multiple friends. Give them your special attention and take them one by one, combined with some frivolous champagne along the way.


Do make sure your girls come armed with the right underwear when choosing dresses!

Set a budget

Set a budget per maid and plan a contingency for if they fall in love with a dress that goes over this. Perhaps over a figure towards their dress and suggest that if they desperately want a dress that exceeds that amount that they put the additional in. But be clear on prices from the get go.

Consider blend

If you’re not going ‘matchy matchy’ and selecting one block colour for the party, be wise and consider blend. For instance, it may not work having one maid in emerald green and the other in champagne blush. Consider the brands that offer the same dress but in multiple shades (see our suggestions below).

Work with photos

When you try dresses, do take pictures, irregardless of how attractive your maids are feeling that day. The camera will tell you the brutal truth and it’s helpful to reflect back and compare dresses.

Visit a tailor

Once you have chosen dresses, don’t be afraid to visit a tailor to do a little nip here or tuck there to make sure the dress is the perfect fit.

And now, here are our favourite dresses on the high street, counting down from 10 to 1. Happy shopping!

10. Maids to Measure – Regent Dress in Frosted Fig

Available in a variety of other colours, but we love this lavender alternative and sultry silhouette. Guaranteed to trigger a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your guests.

9. Hobbs – Tessa Maxi Dress

Champagne and Blush are beautiful but difficult colours to match to the right complexion, so consider this dress coming with a warning. Again, be kind to your maids, so if one has a milky white complexion, perhaps this isn’t the colour for them. However olive skinned ladies would look stunning in this elegant, timeless number.

8. Adrianna Papell – Beaded Top and Tulle Skirt in Silver Grey

For that bit of something special Adrianna Papell’s beadwork dresses are a must consider. Separates are also really easy to re-use and wear again.

7. Ghost – Claudia Dress in Emerald Sea

Again, Ghost famously do a wide range of dresses in an array of hues. However, they also famously don’t hold any prisoners. We adore this deep emerald colour and it would be perfect for your ‘boy-shape’, slight maids who don’t want a fussy dress.

6. Whistles – Bethan One Shoulder Maxi Dress

Following the popular ‘brights’ trend for bridesmaids, this trendy, current design from Whistles is sophisticated and adds a pop to the proceedings. Again, be mindful of skin tones with this one!

5. Topshop Bridal – Muted Floral Print Maxi Dress

We just had to include a number or two from Topshop’s recent Bridal wear collection, which we featured last week. This is pure femininity and bohemian, perfect if your theme is more relaxed and ethereal.

4. Rewritten – Tokyo Dress

Introducing the fabulous, cool bridesmaid range from Rewritten, launched only last year by two friends who were sympathetic to the modern bridesmaid cause. We LOVE the entire range but have picked just a couple for the Top Ten. This is flattering, easy and chic little number, available in 4 colours, from which we just couldn’t pick so included them all!

3. Topshop Bridal – Vintage Silk Godet Midi Dress

Another super-flattering design is this beautiful piece from the Topshop range. It is available in block colours as well, but this floral print is to die for. 

2. Reformation – Georgette Wrap Maxi Dress

If you have a little more budget to splurge, or have just 1 or 2 maids to shop for, Reformation is definitely worth a look. This elegant and sexy dress comes in just the one dusty blue shade.

1. Rewritten – Mykonos Dress

Making the top of the list is Rewritten’s ‘cold shoulder’ dress, available again in a range of shades. Not only does it look super comfortable but effortlessly cool and surprisingly flattering. Thank you Rewritten on behalf of all the bridesmaids of the 21st century!