Essential Table Centrepiece Inspiration

centrepiece2The table centrepiece at a wedding is arguably one of the most fundamental items of the entire wedding display. They help establish your overall theme by drawing the eye to the dominant display in the room.

The tricky balance to strike is to opt for something eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing, or interesting, but not too large in order to avoid obstruction of visibility while dining and to allow serving staff easy access to the table.

Centrepieces are also used to display the name or numbers of the tables according to the designated plan. You may find ideas based on your wedding venue, candelabras look beautiful in a Stately Home wedding venue and rustic themes work well in barn venues.

Flowers always make a popular and beautiful centrepiece, but if you want your wedding to be remembered as a little more unusual here is (as ever) some essential inspiration for you.


Inexpensive, stylish and quirky, decorate your driftwood as you see fit. Mini eucalyptus, moss, bird decorations, you name it. If you can find driftwood that stands vertically you can create height and drama with your decorations. Take a can of spray paint to it for a really eye-catching result.


Antique tins

Easily obtainable from your local charity shops, why not get your mates hunting for eclectic and versatile vintage tins during the months running up to your big day, then simple fill with your chosen flowers. You could create a theme with your tins, such as tea tins, floral tins, storage tins, or as unusual as humanly possible tins!tins


This has become a very popular centrepiece idea at unique weddings, and the variations and possibilities using books are endless. Stack them as high as you can, create different levels and layers, theme by colour, theme by genre, theme by author, and place flower arrangements, tea lights or various treasures atop your stacks.books

Paper Lanterns

Now these are more often than not hung as floating decorations at weddings, but we love this idea of using them on the tables themselves over a small light, to create a simple, glowing orb effect.

Glitter bottles

There are hundreds of DIY instructions for glitter bottles online. The more bottles, the snazzier the effect! Use different shaped and sized bottles, then put candles or flowers in them as a finishing touch.

Eclectic display

Why not just really go to town and have fun arranging numerous, inanimate objects than mean something to you. Use an old picture frame in reverse, as a horizontal display board, then scatter significant objects onto it.


Simple, sweet and significant, we’re pretty sure you’ll have fun going through old albums to piece together photos for your centre pieces. Frame them, laminate them, elevate them and offer your guests a personal insight into your history.centrepiece1


Not necessarily for the board game lovers, scrabble boards are a wonderfully quirky way of displaying your table names.scrabble

Trees stumps 

Another popular option for unusual weddings today, but again with innumerable possibilities. You could go really raw and rustic and set out to saw your own wood for your centrepieces! Again, play with levels, height and layers, as well as adornments for the stumps themselves.tree-stumps