Reasons for a Chapel Wedding Blessing (featuring Capesthorne Hall)

You would like to have some independence and add some personality to your wedding ceremony, but still really love the church traditions.

You don’t have an established faith as a couple, but respect the sacredness of saying wedding vows at a church altar.

You would like to try not to offend any family members with your wedding ceremony!

Does this resonate with you? Having a real dilemma over your wedding ceremony? Well, we might be able to help

As well as offering three unique spaces for a Civil Ceremony – inside Capesthorne Hall in the exquisite Drawing Room, in our more contemporary Lakeside Wing and outdoors at the side of the stunning Lake – did you know that we also have a beautiful Georgian Chapel, within which you can receive a special wedding blessing?

Our Chapel was designed in the 1700’s, and was remodelled in 1887. The Chapel consists of a mixture of design from across the centuries, including terracotta wall panels by George Tinworth and an altarpiece in mosaic with alabaster surround made by Salviati. The wrought iron gates date from about 1750 and were made in Milan.*

Here are three reasons to give some serious consideration to a Civil Ceremony followed by a Chapel Wedding Blessing.

Sacred and Solemn

Whatever your personal faith, there is undeniably something serious and solemn, in a magical way, about kneeling at an altar with your love and making eternal promises to one another. Here is one example of a prayer used to bless a couple on their wedding day: “Grant to them joy of heart, seriousness of mind and reverence of spirit, that as they enter into the oneness of marriage they may be strengthened and guided by you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” Beautiful.

Capesthorne Chapel

Unique Addition

Capesthorne Chapel

Rather than your ceremony feeling like it is over all too quickly, heading to the Chapel for a blessing can be a wonderful and memorable addition to this part of your special day. Why not take the walk to the Chapel alone to absorb the moment and cherish the quietness together.

Sealing The Deal

It may be that your Chapel Blessing feels like the perfect way to ‘complete the transaction’, so to speak! It’s also a truly lovely experience to have a minister say a prayer over your new marriage and have all of your friends and family congregated in that moment as a show of support in this new venture.

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Featuring photography from Pixies in The Cellars, ARJ Photography, Tobayo Tayo and Steven Rooney Photography.

*cited from Wikipedia