Things to Love About Christmas Weddings

blog-christmas-baublesSome couples prefer not to let Christmas steal their thunder on their wedding day and understandably so. But we say that the festive season is a very obvious tool at your disposal and needs to be utilised to the max!

Here are 10 things to give you goosebumps about your Christmas Wedding.

Floral Festive Table Runner

We are talking wild, luxurious and indulgent foliage incorporating berries, roses, eucalyptus and holly, interspersed with candles (or fairy lights), adorning every surface area possible. Christmas a-la 18th Century France. How

Winter Bouquets

Gardinias, Gerberas, Anenomies, Hellebores, Calla Lilys, Poppys, Roses, Stephanotis, Disbuds and the classic Carnation – all glorious flowers well within season in winter. Festive bouquets aren’t shy. They are full of texture, using evergreens to symbolise strength even in the harshest times, to flourish even through the coldest, most barren months. But also powerful colours from delicate


As if you needed an excuse to kiss publicly on your wedding day, but encourage the romance amongst your guests by hanging mistletoe from every doorway. You never know, you may end up responsible for a newly fledged love between a pair of your guests!blog-mistletoe

Christmas Drinks

Theme your prosecco with cranberries, your cocktails with cranberry and your coffees with rich liqueur. Just don’t forget the mulled wine!blog-christmas-drinks

Themed Food

Get baking and pre-prepare Christmas gingerbread. However, if you don’t have the time for this, commission your caterers to turn strawberries into Santas and cut canopies into the shape of stars. blog-christmas-food

Candles, Candles Everywhere

OR votive candles, which are just as effective but not quite as much a fire hazard. Always remember to check with your wedding venue. As previously mentioned, intersperse them amongst your foliage, line the wedding aisle, staircases, doorways, wreaths and tables. There is nothing like the light of candles for you to feel completely absorbed with the magic of

Bauble Escort Cards

They look pretty, they’re easy to hang and afterwards your guests can take them home, hang on their tree and pull out every year to remember your special day.

Festive Table Setting

It’s all in the small details at weddings and at a Christmas wedding its just the same. Don’t let the decadent elements take over nor rest on the obvious decor to complete your picture. The moment your guests sit down for your wedding breakfast is crucial, and conversation turns to the thought you have put into their individual place settings. Spruce up the napkins with a sprig of holly or a stick of cinnamon. There is also reams of inspiration out there for festive place names, such as frosted pine cones and Christmas bauble card

Photo Booth Props

Photo booths and selfie stations are all the rage at most events these days, but why not give yours a twist by customising your props to a silly festive

Christmas Love Songs

…and carols and general Christmas songs, but there are some immaculate Christmas themed love songs that just have to make your playlist and set the mood for your Christmas