More Wedding Colour Palate Inspiration

blog-purples-cropContinuing from our last blog about unique ideas for colour themes for your wedding, here are some more colour palate theme ideas to inspire you, some popular and some less conventional.


Red is a popular choice for a winter wedding, as its vibrant tones sit strikingly against bleak greys and icy whites. It’s also of course,perfect for Christmas weddings. But red’s perfection stretches beyond winter and offers pop to a summer wedding, vivacity to a spring wedding and perfect epitomisation for an Autumn wedding. Think outside of the box (as ever) and make your red’s pop up in the least obvious places. blog-red1

Red berries
Red roses
Red hairpieces
Red gingham
Red signage
Red bike
Red cherries
Red invitations
Red cardigan
Red shoes
Red sash
Red lipsblog-red


A favourite for contemporary, romantic weddings and rife across the likes of Pinterest, pastels are your fool proof colour theme. But how to do them in a truly unique way? Mix up your mints with peaches, your powder pinks and baby blues and lemons with lavender with an array of bunting, cupcakes, ribbons and paper lanterns. Keep them jumbled, keep them light and the more showers of pastels the

Mixed pastel bunting
Mixed pastel hearts
Mint pastel cake
Mixed pastel maids
Pastel ribbons on order of service
Pastel grooms accessories
Pastel paper pinwheels
Pastel cupcakes
Pastel cake-pops
Pastel table clothes
Pastel paper lanternsblog-pastels2

Nude, Peach and Blush

You might categorise these colours along with pastels, but the more ‘naked’ variety of the flesh colour spectrum deserves a category of its own. Gone are the days when a bride is afraid of dressing her maids I the palest colours for fear of stealing her thunder. The subtle differences in the various shades in this category are sublime. There’s something natural, human, fresh, ethereal and oh so pretty about them. These colours are especially effective in their feminine forms, with the likes of chiffon, taffeta and

Blush flower girls
Nude tassels
Nude, peach and blush balloons
Peach peaches
Blush astilbe
Blush chiffon
Blush vases
Blush candy floss
Peach cocktailsblog-peaches


Many people are afraid of purple as it doesn’t cater to every skin tone. It’s darker versions can easily emit feelings of murkiness and brooding, however if you scan careful through the ombré of purple there are some absolutely gorgeous tones just waiting to be showcased. Lavender is a prime example and we’re surprised hasn’t been used quite so liberally at weddings over the decades. There are some exquisite purple flowers in season throughout the year too, anemones, dahlias and chocolate cosmos to name just a few. Be brave in your exploration of purple and look to nature for your inspiration (i.e. fruits and flowers).blog-purples

Lavender fields
Lavender ice cubes
Lavender bouquets
Purple hydrangeas
Purple blueberry cake
Purple cocktails
Lavender soap favours
Purple succulentsblogs-purples1


Grey is a somewhat surprising new trend in the wedding industry, but we have mixed this with the ever-loved silver, as we feel a balance of the two is what really makes this colour theme work. Let’s be honest, you need to be very careful with the colour grey, particularly in dressing so many people in it. Be kind to yourself and others as to whether they really suit your colour theme. It won’t do you any favours if they don’t! Play it same with flourishes of grey, for example with a sash or accessories, then get flamboyant with the silver, on your wedding cake for example. Although perhaps precarious territory, we are all for unique grey weddings and believe this ambitious trend has got real

Grey table settings
Silver-grey cake
Grey maids
Grey grooms
Grey chiffon
Grey taffeta
Grey lanterns
Grey nails
Grey taper candlesblog-silver1