Wedding Colour Palate Inspiration

blog-sunflowersOne wedding tradition that never seems to fade away is that of having a colour theme.

Your chosen colour may depend external influences such as the colour of rooms at your wedding venue. Or you may think weddings are one of those rare occasions where you get to paint the world your favourite colour, have those you love wear it and generally lord about in it. And why not?! But the challenge comes when you think beyond the dress code (i.e. cravats, bridesmaids and flowers) to find other places to use your chosen colour.

So with that in mind, we have come up with a few unique wedding ideas for some of the popular colour palates.


Both a girl and a boys best friend. They say that men who wear pink display true masculinity! Pink is sweet, yet elegant, so aesthetically pleasing and dreamlike. From deepest plum to palest blush there is so little to not love about pink.

Pink champagne
Pink Balloons
Pink Icing
Pink Maids
Pink origami
Pink carnations
Pink macaroonsblog-pink


Blue is serene, calming and such a complimentary colour. It’s also a particularly dashing colour for the men. But then where do you go? We’ll tell you! Tinted glassware, classic China, and streamers everywhere…

Blue hydrangeas
Blue shoes
Blue table clothes/linen
Blue glassware
Blue Groom blog-blue


Gold isn’t just glitz and glamour but timelessly chic too. The real joy of a gold themed wedding comes in a can of spray paint that you can take to pretty much anything!

Gold hairpieces
Gold feathers
Everything sprayed gold!
Gold candelabras
Gold statement jewellery
Gold favoursblog-gold


Perhaps not always received with delight, green is a more unusual choice but what is wrong with unusual weddings, particularly if it fits in with your unusual wedding venue? Green is beautifully botanical, regal, luxurious, antique, fresh and fruity.  

Green foliage
Green suitcases
Antique green furniture
Green bunting
Green birds
Green cocktails blog-green


Last but not at all least is a very popular colour for summer weddings. There are two classic flowers that everyone loves that we associate with yellow, which are the Sunflower and the Daffodil. But it doesn’t stop there. Yellow spells warmth, happiness, positivity, optimism and joy.  

Yellow sunflowers
Yellow bow ties
Yellow daffodils
Yellow waistcoats
Yellow lemonade
Yellow confetti
Yellow skirtsblog-yellow

Watch this blog for more unusual wedding colour palate ideas…