5 Unique Wedding Dress Designers

bhldn-croppedThere is a plethora of bridal wear designs out there to spoil the present day bride. Whatever dream dress you imagine there are talented teams out there more than capable of making it happen. The struggle is to fish these people out of the vast sea of designers and amongst them find the truly unique and ‘different’ designs.

If you look hard enough you will find some individuals who are the exception to the rule and are thinking outside of the box in terms of their designs, without being so over the top that your mother has a breakdown!

We have saved you the trouble of searching far and wide and would like to draw your attention to 5 truly unique and current bridal wear designers to help make your dreams come true.

Laure De Sagazan

Parisian designer Laure De Sagazan emerged on the UK scene back in 2013 and her designs are now prized after treasures. Everything about Laure’s collection is understated chic but although relaxed and bohemian, it doesn’t fail to make a stunning impact. Sadly, stockists in the UK haven’t yet emerged, however The White Gallery in Ireland are on the case and you can make private enquiries to Laure’s own boutique in Paris and have dresses shipped.



BHLDN is an American franchise that offer both current trends but also unusual wedding ideas, not just bridal dresses, but maids, accessories and stationary. The beauty of this brand is that their designs aren’t flooding the UK and they don’t have the typically extortionate ‘wedding’ price tag on them. Available to order online and shipped from the States, their dresses are easy to alter and adjust by a skilled seamstress in your home town.bhldn

Sabrina Motasem

Usually modelled by ballerinas, Motasem is an up and coming name on the bridal design scene. Her dresses are notably simple in places, but often with one particular flourish of ‘uniqueness’. These designs are the epitome of femininity and grace but with a little bit of a twist to really take your partner’s breath away. Motasem has a number of stockists in the UK including Yorkshire and Lancashire, either side of your Cheshire wedding venue.sm

Karen Willis Holmes

Karen Willis Holmes has taken the popular beaded gown and crafted some unconventional and unseen designs. Intricate beading often appears on largely embellished and grand gowns, with full skirts, or elaborate 1920’s inspired slinky numbers. But KWH has taken the natural woman’s shape and silhouette and elegantly decorated with stunning beadwork. These dresses are for the bride who wants something extra special without the worry of having to ‘pull off’ glitter and sparkle. KWH stocks at Cheshire’s well loved Agape Bridal Boutique, in Bowdon.kwh

Kate Beaumont

Last but not least, Kate Beaumont is a grass roots, home grown, independent designer success story. Born from her passion are seamtressy and spurred by making her own wedding gown, Kate operates from a studio in her own home in Sheffield UK. She offers a bespoke service, original vintage dresses, vintage remodels and her own unique designs. Kate’s client catalogue is ever growing and is enough to make any woman swoon several times over. Kate is a short but beautiful road trip away from your Cheshire wedding venue, through the peaks on to hilly Sheffield.kb