Floral Design for Your Stately Home Wedding

Floral Design for Your Stately Home Wedding

All stately homes have their own unique atmosphere and personality, which can be enhanced by the floral decorations you choose for your wedding.

Here are some guidelines to consider when planning your theme and designs with your florist.

A Grand Entrance

Make the entrance to your venue welcoming for guests, giving them a hint at the beauty of the day that’s about to unfold.

Floral designs are a great way to add that wow-factor, from oversized urn displays, to perhaps a floral arch.

There are a multitude of ways to embellish an entrance. Work with an experienced and enthusiastic florist who will offer suggestions and ideas.

Enhance Features

Look around your venue to determine which features really stand-out and then look at how to make them your own.

From simply adding rows of candlelight to a mantelpiece through to having a show-stopping floral garland draping down a sweeping staircase, these touches will take your styling from ordinary to extraordinary.Create Zones

Don’t try to fill every inch of your venue with decor and details, instead focus on creating a few showcase design details in each space you are using throughout the day.

Ideas include; a stunning floral garland on a staircase, oversized florals and whimsical signage at the entrance to a room or an eye-catching backdrop to your wedding cake.

Work With Scale

If you have a venue with tall ceilings why not try to mirror the scale of the space with your floral decorations? Equally so if a room is more intimate choose lower-level displays.

To maximise budgets consider having floral centrepieces on just half of your dining tables, adding tall candelabras to the rest.

The possibilities to make your stately home wedding venue feel personal are endless. It just takes a little imagination and the assistance of trusted suppliers.

Do make sure you ask your venue for their recommendations! The wedding team here at Capesthorne Hall can help by recommending trusted florists and venue stylists.  Together you can turn your wedding dreams into reality!


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