Reasons to Wear a Floral Wedding Dress

With welcoming in a new year comes embracing new trends, just as much in the Bridal industry as everywhere else. One of the hottest trends on the Bridal catwalk last year was 3D floral wedding dress, floral embroidery and floral lace bridal gowns. In a nutshell, dresses have gone full on botanical for the first time in wedding history and we adore it!

Some designs are more subtle and understated, whereas others are more impacting. If you are considering a floral wedding dress, here are 5 reasons to tip the balance in its favour…

On Trend

We just said it and although we’re not endorsing following the crowd, it doesn’t hurt to be current and relevant at times. But as much as florals are trending right now, they are also…


Although this is a completely new landmark for Bridal design, you can see whispers of it in a past decades. Not just in lace patterns but in the careful arrangement of tulle, appearing like the petals of a flower. Like we said, some gowns are more ‘statementy’ than others, but you will find that most designs will stand the test of time. See images for current designer inspiration.

Romantic & Ethereal

What’s more romantic than reams of roses, an plethora of petals, a bed of botanicals? This trend is deeply reminiscent of your favourite whimsical fairytales.


You wouldn’t be criticised for immediately thinking of a Spring or Summer wedding in relation to this trend. But designers have incorporated a wide range of styles into their collections, that span through the year, particularly the sleeved dresses by Ellie Saab and couture collection by Maggie Sottero.

Works with Any Venue

Wedding Barn, Stately Home, City Hall – you name it. Put this style against any background or unique wedding venue and you’ll be amazed at how well it works.