Creating the Perfect Gatsby Wedding

Popularised by the sensational 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby has been recreated as a major motion picture twice over and thus keeps lending itself perfectly as a theme for any significant event, including Gatsby theme weddings.

The Great Gatsby follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town on prosperous Long Island, New York in the summer of 1922. Gatsby themed events mirror the tone of this story and are always 100% glamour and sophistication, but with a hint of the adventurous. The Gatsby style fits perfectly with a stately home wedding venue. Here are a few key areas not to be missed in planning your fabulous Gatsby themed wedding…

Art Deco Font

First and foremost, get your stationary on point by choosing a definitive 1920’s style font. One of the most distinctive design movements of the last century, the Art Deco style is cool and jazzy. Famous for its influence on architecture, advertising, interior design and fashion, Art Deco cast its spell of sleek modernity within typography that has been carried through the decades.

Champagne Fountain

The epitome of decadence but also an exhilarating party piece for your guests, a champagne fountain creates the wow factor at any event. Just a couple of tips – check with your wedding venue and ensure that you your caterers have done this before and are absolutely trustworthy with this task, or else it could go horribly wrong.

Geometric Wedding Cake

The Art Deco movement was a pastiche of a number of different styles and streamlined angles was merely one of them. We are all familiar with the fan motif common to the Art Deco style. This can be easily replicated multiple times and where better than on your wedding cake.

Sparkly Maids

There is simply no other way to dress your bridesmaids on this occasion than with all the glitter and sparkle. But this is a perfect opportunity to explore the ‘mis-match’ trend for bridesmaids. Choose a unique gown for each maid and let them explore their individual glamour puss.


If for no other reason than purely decorative, a gramophone will help set the scene of your Gatsby inspired party perfectly.

Statement Headpieces

Ladies, this is no occasion to be a shy. You need to be prepared to take risks and go bold with your entire outfit, especially with head wear. The more flamboyant the better, plenty of diamante and maybe a feather or four. We recommend Eliza Vale handmade headpieces for this occasion

1920’s Inspired Dress & Fur

It’s not just about the dress on this occasion, but all the accessories to boot. During the 1920s, the notion of keeping up with fashion trends was of upmost importance in order to preserve one’s status. Displaying the number of items you were fortunate enough to own demonstrated a level of prosperity. A piece of fur was the ultimate symbol that you were at the peak of fashion and status. Some dresses featured are by Eliza Jane Howell.