Gifts and Accessories for Grooms

groom-1It is very easy for weddings to become feminised and all about the ladies. The industry caters very well to females, with a booming wedding dress, jewellery and accessories market, we soon forget about the men. Many suppliers have tapped into the male wedding style, but we think that what really makes the groom and his groomsmen are the accessories. If you’re looking for quirky additions to your grooms style, or for a special gift for your groom, look no further. Here are 10 unique wedding gift and accessory ideas for the boys.

Bow Ties & Special Ties

You’d be amazed at the selection of ties out there for men. There is more variety than a packet of smarties! Velvet, silk, prints, brights, skinny ties, handmade ties – you name it. Why not stand out as a groom and have your own individual tie that no one else is wearing. Its your wedding day after all.  

Tie Pin

Speaking of ties, a tie pin is a classic, timeless gift that can be kept and re-used forever. If you like to follow the tradition of ‘something old’ look in antique jewellery shops or take inspiration from your venue, especially if it is a castle wedding venue or a stately home wedding venue. groom-4

Always guaranteed to be a winning wedding gift (unless of course the gentleman is t-total!), you can order hip-flasks bespoke with personalised inscriptions. Don’t forget to top it up with their favourite tipple though. Bit of dutch courage for the pre-wedding nerves.


Whether you opt for the comedy cufflinks, sentimental cufflinks with a special inscribed message, or designer cufflinks, this gift again is a winning addition for very groom, always having a reminder of you to hand.

Bottle Opener

More practical than sentimental, a trendy bottle opener is actually a really fun and useful gift to have for this occasion. The guys can also enjoy impressing their mates by whipping out a bottle opener at the crucial moment.  


Perhaps not a necessary essential for a wedding day, but a classically handy gift nonetheless. Try searching online handmade market store Etsy for a selection of quirky and individual versions.


If you’re giving these as a gift it’d be wise to check your grooms outfit choice beforehand. There is something very masculine and charming about a man in braces. And again their come all kinds of designs – leather, patterned, shiny, comedy value braces… so you can make a statement with this accessory, whether it’s for entertainment value or wow factor.groom-3


…in case they get cold feet. Forgive the pun, but the wedding market has picked up on this one and cleverly packaged sock designs with that exact saying. That aside, the flash of a special sock beneath a grooms attire can be the finishing statement of his look.

Pocket Squares

If you have a bit of budget to splash, your first port of call for a truly special pocket square would be Liberty London. Check out their classic Liberty print range for timeless additions to the grooms image. Pocket squares really are for the gentlemen, the men with manners, intelligence and charm. It never hurts to bring a bit of 007 to the proceedings.

Pocket Watch

Once perhaps considered a dated accessory for men with little use, pocket watches are making a come back in men’s attire for special occasions. There some exquisite modern timepieces available from a range of high street jewellers, or again if you prefer ‘something old’ why not hunt for an antique timepiece. As a gift for the groom you can always add an inscription of something clever, like “It’s about time I met you”, or romantic “I’ll love you for the rest of time”, or simply your wedding date (so he never forgets!).


For a man who likes a cheeky cuban to commemorate special occasions, cigar gifts will go down a treat. Cigars range from the affordable £’s to more extravagant £££’s! If you really want to splash out why not buy a box selection as the box packaging make gorgeous gifts by themselves.groom2