Inspiring Buttonhole Ideas

Last week we researched Summer Florals for your Bouquet, but we felt it would be amiss if consideration wasn’t given to the gentlemen.

Gent’s buttonholes have the capacity to really make or let down their wedding attire. All too often that essential piece is created as an afterthought to bouquets and large arrangements.

Here are 4 key categories and arrangements to consider for gentlemen’s buttonholes:


If you want to ensure that your buttonhole is going to complement the complete wedding attire then you may want to direct your florist toward a chic, classic arrangement. Generally, this means one feature flower, one complementing flower and a tasteful sprig of foliage. Think a rose, astilbe and eucalyptus, ranunculus, cornflower and a dash of baby’s breath, or a calla lily, orchid and flash of palm leaf.


‘Rustic’ themed weddings are hugely popular at the moment and, dare we say, it’s partly due to the rich, textured and eclectic floral arrangements. Florists tend to go big and wild with bouquets, and fill jam jars full of delicious scented country flowers. Buttonholes follow suit (if you’ll forgive the pun) packed full with lavender, thistle, cornflower, succulents, astilbe and cosmos.


We use the term ‘alternative’ broadly here, but this basically means anything that is not quite ‘expected’ of a wedding party. In terms of florals, think bright and a different buttonhole for each gent. But what’s to stop you pinning something different to your lapel? We love these feather arrangements and also origami flowers. The lego figures are just too cute!


Last but not at all least, a stylish choice would be a pure, minimalist buttonhole. But don’t let this be a throwaway choice. Carefully consider your flower – a single sunflower, sprig of thyme, miniature hydrangea or ranunculus. We would recommend repeating your choice within your bridal bouquets and other arrangements.