Inspiring Chair Decor

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding can be the finer, seemingly mundane, details. Who would have thought that selecting chairs and their covers would be so critical to the success of a wedding day?!

Well take a seat and relax, because help is at hand with some inspiring chair decor.

Don’t just settle for a white chair cover, consider one of these five decorative ideas for your ceremony and wedding breakfast seating.


Sash decorations are very popular at weddings in the US and it’s no wonder, as there is an infinite variety of ways in which to use sashes to adorn chairs. Cascades, frills, ribbons, drapes, you name it. Have your set-up committee experiment with different ideas and different fabrics. Some of these are surprisingly easy as well!


Burlap, or hessian, fabric is widely used for ‘Rustic’ inspired or themed weddings. For an old, brown fabric, it can be made to be surprisingly pretty! Combine with some baby’s breath or lace for a particularly quaint, English countryside feel.


The old favourite, lace, never disappoints. Like sashes, this can be experimented with in terms of how you attach it to your chairs. Or simply have lace covers made that cover the backs of your chairs. Effortlessly gorgeous.


We adore how simple but effective this one is and your florist would have a field day with it! Simply attach your seasonal wedding flowers to your chairs, or select a particular greenery and ask your florist to get creative with their designs. We recommend eucalyptus for an incredible aroma.


Why settle for one of these ideas when you can combine them! You could get really daring with your fabric and go for glitter (pictured at the beginning of this blog)! Or use botanicals at the fastening of your sashes, or mix burlap and lace, as previously suggested. As with all things related to your wedding, think outside of the box and have fun with the detail as this is what your special day will be remembered for.