Italian Themed Wedding Ideas


Italian Themed Wedding Ideas

Italy is a beautiful and incredibly romantic place to get married, Italian weddings are big on tradition with a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

If you are looking for wedding inspiration, we have put together some ideas to incorporate the spirit of Italy into your big day.


Take your inspiration from the fields of sunflowers that bloom in Tuscany as well as other bright colourful blooms!

Include these in your wedding bouquets, table centrepieces, and other floral arrangements.


Lace Wedding Dress

Italian fashion designers are some of the most highly regarded in the world.

You’ll be guaranteed to look and feel fabulous in an Italian inspired lace gown!


Glamorous Wedding Shoes

Treat yourself to a pair of fabulous designer shoes for your wedding day.

Italy is home to some of the biggest fashion and culture houses in the world. Including Versace, Gucci, Prada, and Valentino.



Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you are getting married in the warmer months and your venue allows it, why not opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

You may wish to consider hiring a venue stylist who will be able to help create the look of a Mediterranean outdoor wedding.


Colour Scheme

Having a clearly defined colour palette will help to set the mood and create a beautiful atmosphere.

Take your inspiration from the Italian landscape, think natural greenery punctuated with bursts of colour to represent olive and lemon groves.



Terracotta Centrepieces

These beautiful terracotta pots can be filled with greenery and herbs such as rosemary  and basil to create a table scape inspired by the Italian countryside.


Italian Inspired Menu

Why not serve your guests some classic Italian dishes.

Italian food lends itself well to social occasions and celebrations.

Fresh Italian breads and olive oil, light pasta dishes, seafood, and vibrant fresh salads accompanied by Italian wine.

Don’t forget to serve a classic Italian cocktail such as Aperol Spritz or Bellini!




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