Japandi Style

2020 has been a year of reflection. We’ve all had a chance to examine our lives and work out what is really important. For that reason, I think Japandi style weddings will grow in popularity.

The Japanese style for function and form, and the Scandinavian preference for a clean line and natural materials are incredibly compatible, so combining the two isn’t as strange as it may sound. Incorporating the marriage of these two styles into your own wedding is easy too.


The keyword is simplicity. Everything you include in your wedding must perform a function. Don’t have a decoration for the sake of it, it’s an unnecessary distraction. Instead, choose the items you want at your wedding carefully and invest in their quality.

Keep your tables clear, and let the settings speak for themselves. Rather than substantial floral table displays, use one or two flowers or plants. This allows your guests to concentrate on the detail instead of overawing them.

Same with your flowers. By only using a few eye-catching stems and trailers, they become the star rather than being lost in a bouquet.


The materials used for your wedding are essential because they must keep in with the vision of clean lines. Usually, natural materials are used, such as wood, however, the material should be appropriate to the items function. You can’t have wooden tablecloths!

Handmade paper is ideal for your stationery needs. Your invitations always set the tone of your day, so this is a great place to announce your chosen theme.

Plants are a popular decoration because of the harmony and peace they represent.

Finding suitable favours will be easy and lots of fun. Over the last few years, the number of artisans and craftspeople making quality keepsakes from natural materials has grown because of sites like Notonthehighstreet and Etsy. The hardest part will be making a final choice!


There is a specific colour scheme for Japandi style, neutral, natural colours. This gives you a solid base to build on.

Other colours can be used, but these are usually muted rather than pastels. Greens are popular because of the use of plants as decoration and as a contrast to the neutral colour base.

So, for a wedding that focuses on your marriage vows and the importance of the day, Japandi style is the perfect theme for you.


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