Wedding Keepsakes For One Another

Amongst all the planning for guests, food, drink, entertainment, flowers, music… And all the necessary details for your wedding, such as attire, transport, accommodation… It’s easy to forget the small yet significant acts that mean a lot to one another.

Your wedding venue may give you a keepsake to remind you of your special day and amid all the expense it’s understandable that wedding gifts to one another become low priority, but a small gesture or reminder of what your wedding is truly about can be really important, even if presented after the day itself. Here are a few small, inexpensive ideas of keepsakes to one another that will help you remember your unique wedding day for years to come.

KeepsakesFramed Love Letter

Is there anything more personal and sincere than a hand-written letter? Especially if this mode of communication doesn’t come easily to you. This is so simple but so treasured. We love these glass backed clip frames, available from a number of retailers including Cox and Cox

Special Edition Print of Vows

If you’re not a fan of your handwriting and want to remind yourselves of your vows there are a number of digital creatives who can create personalised prints. We recommend for numerous great suppliers.

Bottled Flowers

You would have to wait a little while for this one, but we love the idea of drying some of your flowers and preserving them in a glass bottle or case. Great for the mantelpiece or bedside table and they look really pretty.

Hand-written Prompt Cards

A simple re-use of something you will need on your big day, how about investing in some sturdy prompt cards and taking care with hand-writing your vows to one another. Simple but so meaningful and unique.

Vow Books

Your vows might not require an entire booklet but we love these personalised books with a hidden message on the inside, that your love can see when you fold the pages over. You could use the rest of the book to write little messages to one another, how you are feeling in the run up, your first thoughts on waking up on your wedding day.

In planning for your unique wedding day, don’t forsake one another and make time for the small yet significant things.