Decorate your Wedding with Lavender

…or, ways to make your wedding day smell amazing with lavender decoration!

Lavender contains numerous qualities and health benefits, which have been used for centuries: anxiety relief, sleep aid, digestive aid and endless others. It is one of the rare floral plants that contain these benefits as well as looking and smelling amazing. Imagine your wedding day not just looking incredible, but having an aroma about it too? Pretty unique huh? But lavender decoration isn’t just for bouquets and buttonholes.

Here are some creative ideas to infuse as much lavender into your day and wedding venue as possible:


Adorn your wedding breakfast tables, place settings, aisle, alter and ceilings with garlands and bunches of lavender for a truly aromatic and picturesque scene.


Here are just a few ideas; lavender soap, candles, miniature pot plants, sleep pouches… all very salt of the earth and cost effective.


These days, you can turn pretty much anything into confetti, but the majority of it (lets admit it) is pretty annoying to clean up or have attached to you all day on your wedding day! But wait – not lavender! Lavender is the money shot for the photographer, but easily brushes off


Lavender drinks don’t just look and smell divine, but are surprisingly scrumptious too. Here is a basic recipe for you to follow, but there are hundreds of others out there (including the alcoholic variety).

5 sprigs lavender {stems & buds}
2 cups fresh lemon juice {about 10 lemons}
1/2 cup fresh lime juice {about 4 limes}

In a large saucepan, bring one gallon of water and the sugar to a boil. Remove from heat; add lavender sprigs and juice of lemons and limes. Cool to room temperature, strain & chill. Serve on ice and garnish with additional sprigs.


Like drinks, lavender is a unique yet delicious addition to your baked goods. Decorate your wedding cake with sprigs, but why not try lavender macaroons, biscuits, and cupcakes to complete the entire set, on top.