Mediterranean Wedding Inspiration

We recently did a feature on all things sumptuously French, from the Riviera to Paris, and now we venture south to seek inspiration for a forthcoming sunny summer Mediterranean wedding.

The Spanish do outdoor Casa weddings outstandingly and although us Brits might not always have the fortune of good weather on our side, there’s nothing to say we can’t replicate a little of the Mediterranean on our home turf.

Here are 5 pieces of essential inspiration for a flavoursome Mediterranean wedding…

Be Bold and Bright

It’s no time to be a shrinking violet with your colours, you need to embrace every tone of red, orange, yellow and cobalt blue. Combinations of bright reds work especially well in floral arrangements and even as a Bridal headpiece.


We don’t just mean mosaics themselves, although these make beautiful and unique wedding favours, but take inspiration from the patterns and place them on your wedding stationary – even your wedding cake! Replicated a variety of tile designs throughout your wedding.

Cactus Wedding Favours

These may need to come with a warning, but little potted cacti are cute, creative and cost effective! Use them to decorate your tables first then ask your guests to take them away.


Not just terracotta pots, but terracotta crockery, colours…in fact anything remotely terracotta and it is IN the wedding. Rusty urns, worn furniture, antique jewellery…


What is more Spanish than the traditionally Piñata? This is also a fun all-inclusive activity for your guests.