One Week to Go

In our final blog about planning for your wedding, we’re looking at what to do in the final week. Being super organised in this week will help reduce any pre-wedding nerves.


Check everyone’s outfits for the last time. Don’t do this every day of the final week no matter how excited you are, or you run this risk of damaging one of them but do check that you are happy with them.

The day before is when you would usually pick up any hired outfits. Make sure you know when you need to take them back and who’s responsible for it.

Wedding Rehearsal

Not every wedding requires a rehearsal, civil ceremonies for example. But, if you’re offered one, take it. It’s a great opportunity to run through the day and get everything organised in your head.


Plan your day with the timings of set events such as when the photographer is with you or with your partner, when the car is arriving to take you to the church, what time the DJ is expected. Give this to the relevant members in your wedding party so they can liaise with the right people at the right time.

Emergency Kit

While we don’t expect things to go wrong on the day, we certainly don’t want them to. That doesn’t mean you should plan for that to happen. Put together a little kit bag of things you might, but hopefully won’t, need. Pain relief, plasters, indigestion tablets, sanitary products, sewing kit, all these might come in handy on the day and could severely impact your enjoyment if you don’t have them.

Best Man

Make sure the best man has the ring, the speeches, and money for any cash payments expected on the day.


This is the most important one. When you’re in the last week before your wedding, it’s a bit like the night before sitting an exam. No amount of cram revision will save you. Either you know something or you don’t. Either you’ve planned it or you haven’t. Now is not the time to decide you want to release a pair of doves after the ceremony or change the bridesmaids’ dresses or get your hair cut. Now is the time to enjoy the build-up and get ready to celebrate!