Pre-Raphaelite Inspired Wedding Dresses

The Pre-Raphaelites were a group of artists founded in the mid 1800’s, who rejected classical approaches to art, filled with ostentatious poses, glamour and refinery. They favoured the return to the abundant detail, intense colours and complex compositions of Italian art. In addition, they saw imitation of nature as central to the purpose of art. They summarised their motivation as follows:

  • to have genuine ideas to express;
  • to study Nature attentively, so as to know how to express them;
  • to sympathise with what is direct and serious and heartfelt in previous art, to the exclusion of what is conventional and self-parading and learned by rote; and
  • most indispensable of all, to produce thoroughly good pictures and statues.

(Cited from Wikipedia)

You can see why modern bridal designers have looked to this movement for inspiration. If you are looking for a wedding dress (and indeed overall wedding style) that is natural, organic, ethereal and honest, look no further. Here are just a few things we love about these Pre-Raphaelite inspired wedding dresses.


Appreciation of the Human Form

Pre-Raphaelite women weren’t afraid to celebrate what nature gave them. Dresses were often worn off the shoulder and extenuated chests and hips. In fact Pre-Raphaelite artists just adored the female form. 

Worthy of An Oil Painting

It’s all about the textures and the silhouette of a Pre-Raphaelite inspired dress. Drape like skirts, lace, satin, even velvet in places – your photographer will have a field day picturing you in one of these dresses. 

The Veil Essential

Wearing a veil is a pre-requisite of this style. Accompany with a crown of flowers for the ultimate Pre-Raphaelite effect.

Vivienne Westwood’s 2017 Collection

Infamous Bridal designer Vivienne Westwood has clearly taken direct inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelites for her latest collection, but topped it off with her characteristic gritty rock n roll edge. We love how Vivienne has incorporate corsets, wild, lustrous hair and textured skirts into these images.