Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Many engaged couples are now choosing to have a pre wedding photoshoot. We thought we would take a look at the reasons this trend is becoming so popular.

Why Have a Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

With the current influence of social media, many couples take to Instagram or Facebook to announce their engagement to family & friends worldwide.

Get To Know Your Photographer

More often than not, couples choose their wedding photographer through this process.

It’s an ideal opportunity to get to know your photographer, their style of working, and to feel comfortable with them for those all important wedding shots.

This is vital as the more relaxed you feel, the more natural your photoshoot results.


Hints & Tips For Your Photoshoot

Choose a meaningful location, perhaps the scene of the proposal, or somewhere that holds special significance in your relationship.

Consider your outfits, you may choose something relaxed and casual in contrast to the formality of your wedding day attire.

Above all make sure you feel happy and comfortable in the outfits you choose.

Make sure you feature some close up shots of your engagement ring, after all it’s a symbol of your commitment to each other, and you really don’t need an excuse to show it off !

Be guided by your photographer, they have a wealth of professional experience, especially when it comes to choosing the backdrop, lighting, and poses.

If you have a beloved pet or pets, you may wish to include your furry friends as well, after all they are a part of your family too!


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