Selecting Your Wedding Dress

selecting-your-wedding-dressIt’s easy for The Wedding Dress to become the biggest element, stress, and focus of your wedding planning. We get it. Every woman wants to feel like the best version of themselves, but it isn’t worth losing yourself in the process. Here are some words of advice as you embark on the selection process…

  1. Be True to Yourself. Respect your proportions and your personal style.
  1. Take your Chosen Wedding Venue into Consideration. A countryside bride shouldn’t wear a meringue dress, instead perhaps choose something light and bucolic. A full, glamorous skirt with a blouse works beautifully if it is a city wedding.
  1. Comfort is Important. This is the party of your life and you want to effortlessly enjoy your loved ones and dance until dawn. Your dress should be able to stand up to the test of time. Make sure it allows you to have fun.
  1. Invest in a Brand or Designer with a Good Reputation. This narrows the enormous variety of bridal wear down a bit. A good bridal boutique will know which styles to present to you but it will help them if you take your research with you.
  1. Take those you Trust with You. No more, no less. A flock of over-excitable friends, or both mothers disagreeing with one another is not going to help you. Choose those who will help you to remain calm.
  1. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself, with months and months on Pinterest and blogs, as you will likely get bamboozled and confused.
  1. Don’t Second Guess. When you find a dress you love, stop looking.
  1. Trust Yourself. You are simply meant to look like a polished version of every day self, not an over-styled version of someone else. If you go with your honest instincts, you will make the right decision.
  1. Don’t let the Dress Wear You. You will know when this happens, which is when all you see is dress, dress, dress and a vague bit of flesh.
  1. It’s Just a Dress. Your partner will love you, whatever. If he doesn’t, pick a different partner!