Must-Have Signage for Your Wedding

SignsSignage is a major trend for all unique weddings at the moment, in fact weddings full stop. And it’s not just about offering practical information for your guests, signs have become a major aesthetic and have ever increasing entertainment value.

The style of your signage can be influenced by your venue – for a Cheshire wedding venue why not use Cheshire Cats as inspiration or a Barn wedding venue could have a rustic influence.

Here are some suggested signs for to create your unique wedding venue:

It may seem obvious but a large banner saying ‘Welcome’ does have a warming impact. This can be re-used in your home after the big day!

This is where signs fulfil their primary, informative use. Consider what directions might be useful for your guests; ceremony, drinks table, toilets, parking, baby-changing… An order of the day might also be appreciated for those who can’t remember where they put their invitation. 

You may roll your eyes at this social media phenomena, but a simple hashtag for your wedding day can group together all the photographs guests take of your wedding day. You’d be amazed at the results.

Guest Book
An often forgotten about, yet important element of a wedding day. Make sure your guests know where this is and what to do with it.

Again, a small but crucial detail. Make this crystal clear and in a safe place, so that guests can leave their gift as soon a s they arrive and not worry about where it will end up.

You may decide to have a table full of favours, rather than the traditional favours at place settings. If you have opted for something a little more unique, perhaps include a description of why.

Why Not?!
A favourite quote, a funny saying, something outrageous silly…The choices are endless. You could even include some photographs from some of your memorable moments as a couple.

Again, practical and instructive, if you have some form of entertainment that the guests need to pick up and figure out for themselves perhaps consider giving them some guidance.

Just You
Indulge in the opportunity to declare your new married status and put your names up there, maybe in the style of a monogram, or maybe just a good old Mr & Mrs. When else do you get to do this?

Thank You
Perhaps the most important sign you can put up at your wedding. This speaks volumes to your guests and will be remembered forever. Whatever else you do, don’t forget to thank people.

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