Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Sparkle

gliter-mainIt may be because the festive season is upon us, but we are inspired by all kinds of shininess and sparkle right now. When better to indulge in the whimsy of glitter than on your wedding day?! But it’s not just about a glittery shoe peeping from beneath the dress, or carefully selected bridesmaid gowns worthy of 1920’s glamour. Oh no, there are immeasurable ways to make your wedding sparkle, and here are just a few…

Confetti Glitter Balloons

glitter-balloonsWhether it be pre-ordered large scale balloons filled with glitter confetti, or DIY balloons dipped in glitter (a lot of messy fun to be had the night before the big day!), these are an instantaneous way to add magical sparkle to the proceedings.

Sparkly Table Cloths

glitter-table-clothsAlone they may look a tad gaudy, but once dressed with tableware and decorations, glitter table cloths are absolutely to die for.

Ceremony Backdrop

glotter-lightsTake a few sets of string fairy lights, hang them as high as you can, and Bob’s your Uncle, you have a magical ceremony spot under which to make your vows.

Place Cards

glitter-place-namesAgain, whether it be a DIY job or assigned to a professional creative, for a sparkly themed wedding, glitter place cards are a no-brainier. 

Disco Balls

glitter-ballsNot just for the dance floor, or even for hanging from the ceiling! Buy multiple disco balls and create a dramatic installation. Or hang them within our ceremony venue, wedding breakfast room AND evening reception room (if of course the three are different locations).

DIY Glitter Mason Jars

glitter-jarsNow these just have to be made by you and can be planned months prior to the event. There are numerous tutorials online on How To make these, but put simply, slather an empty jam jar in glue, roll it around in glitter until covered, and leave to dry. Job done.

Sparkly Make-up

glitter-makeupCome on now – be brave and get that body glitter out. You know you want to…!

Sequin Confetti

glitter-confettiProbably wise to check with your wedding venue on this first, but sequin confetti makes the BEST PHOTOGRAPHS EVER. AND it even looks beautiful on the floor, as though a deliberate part of the decorations. Win, win.

Edible Glitter

glitter-foodLast but certainly not least, adorning all the yummy things with edible glitter is also a no brainer. Let your cake maker go to town on your wedding cake, but spread the joy to desert treats, favours and late night nibbles.